7 original bedside tables to highlight your personality

Are you looking for original bedside tables? In this article we share some key concepts about them, with reflections and 7 examples so that you have plenty of ideas when choosing which one is the best and knowing how to decorate it.

The importance of having an original bedside table

For most people, having a nightstand next to the bed is something fundamental. It is not only because it can be a beautiful decoration, which underlines the seating area on both sides with its own style, but also because it is practical.

We need to have tables in the bedroom, because when you get up you are slower and it is difficult for you to move. It is normal that you want to have the comfort of being able to extend your arm and have everything you need at hand. Whether or not it has drawers, a bedside table will come in very handy. 

You may want to have on hand a handkerchiefplatforms, alarm clock or mobile. The important thing is that you have that possibility, and with the bedside table this is possible. Let's see how it is better to achieve it in the next point.

Original bedside table and headboard
Designer bedside table and headboard

How should a bedside table be?

The measurements of a nightstand there can be many, of course, but the most important thing is to look at the height, which must be similar to the mattress, or a little lower.

A table that is higher than your bed can bother you if you are one of those who move a lot at night. You can hurt yourself with it when you make a sudden gesture. You need to be able to open your eyes and have what you want right there in front of you, without having to join.

It should be noted that sometimes it will be impossible to have a nightstand that is shorter than the mattress. In these cases, it is best not to exceed 10-20 cm above eye level. Thus, you continue to have good visibility and reach of all the objectives that you put on it.

In addition to the height, there are also those who pay attention to the depth or the width, but you will see that all this is secondary, more a style option than a necessity. This depends more on the space you have available around the bed and how much area you want it to take up.

How to choose the ideal nightstand

To know which one to choose, it is very important that you take into account what the environment in which you will place it will be like. Of course, it would be essential that it combine well in terms of decoration.

If you want to ensure the shot, one piece of advice we could give you is that try to get the whole set of bedroom of the same model or manufacturer. This is because this way you will have the security that all the furniture follows the same style and will combine well, without giving it more thought.

Once you have your bedside table, all you have to do is decorate it. Below we share some general advice, whether you want to get one that is original or if you want to decorate it, and then we will give you some ideas with some of our models.

Tips for decorating your bedroom table

By having your bedside table in your bedroom, it is important that you have some decoration notions that will help you improve your experience.

The most important thing you need to know is that there is a wide variety for something, and it is that your bedside table is a complement that must go well with the appearance of your bed. It has to accompany it, and to be able to highlight it.

To get your bearings a little, take a look at what everything that is or will be around the nightstand looks like:

  • El headboard
  • Sheets
  • Pillow
  • Wall color
  • Soil
  • Carpets (if you use)
  • Light
  • Other nearby furniture

Your table has to combine well with all these elements. One way to do it, in addition to choosing one that has matching colors, is to think carefully about what you will put on top to decorate. 

We advise you to always try to bet on minimalism or at most limit decorative objects to 3 (including the lamp). Everything will be more orderly, and it is also known that odd objects are more attractive in decoration. What could they be? We recommend you:

  • Vertical element: That adds height to the table, like a lamp.
  • horizontal element: That balances that verticality, like a book.
  • Element with textures: There are many objects that can add relief and life to your bedside table, such as a sculpture.

Combining colors and composition well, you will get just the result you are looking for.

7 original bedside tables

After knowing all this, are you looking for alternatives to inspire you? We show you examples based on our designer bedside tables:

Bedside table with original design
Floating nightstand with original design

Floating at mattress level

If the issue of finding a bedside table that adjusts to the height of your mattress you are concerned, you can bet on a floating nightstand. This one that we show you includes a drawer, so that it is also a place where you can store anything.

Look at how the lamp and the furniture itself combine perfectly with the gray headboard and the white wall or mattress, do you see how easy it can be to find the ideal table for you?

This model is of high quality and of national manufacture, like all the ones we have in our catalog and that we continue to show you.

Two-drawer bedside table with modern design
Two-drawer bedside table with modern design


Are you worried that you may elbow the vase or the lamp? No problem. There are models like the one in the photograph, which in addition to being original, also have the practical part of being divided into two parts, expanding the horizontality of the bedside table. This allows you to place decorations farther away and what you need close at hand.

Look again at how the color of the wall and floor matches the furniture in the photo. As you can see, the grace is also in making the bedside table feel blends into the bedroom. No matter how beautiful it is, you see that it has to combine well. This looks much better in the following example.

Bedroom table with illuminated niche
Bedroom table with illuminated niche

illuminated hollow

We have many things to say about this table with such an original design. First of all, it stands on four legs that share the same color as the plugs. On the other hand, it also has illuminated hollow very curious where, as you can see, we have decided to place books to provide horizontality and elegance.

To all this we must also add the lamp above, but what we want you to look at is the texture that has the furniture itself. Notice that this is one that it shares with the wall. Isn't it true that the texture combines very well when you put it together with horizontality and verticality? Without a doubt, this is a perfect example.

Floating table with geometric shapes
Original floating table with geometric shapes

Geometric forms

If you liked the floating drawer and want to bet on a texture with more personality, we recommend something like this model with geometric shapes, which attract a lot of attention and break the pattern or combine well with some headboards of a similar style.

Also look at the white and gold color, which will have to be combined with others such as black. It is attractive to the eyes, as you can see, and brings a lot of elegance. It contrasts well with the rest of the environment, but without breaking the harmony.

Round bedside table for bedroom
Round bedside table for bedroom

round and hollow

A very original alternative to the bedside table with an illuminated slit is this small internally illuminated circle with LED, in which you can place some vertical or horizontal decoration, as in this case it is a plant or unos creative writing.

It may seem that nothing fits, but without a doubt the verticality of the lower section provides a lot of space to put what you want. This size is even more ideal when you do not need or want lamps around the bed, since (although a lamp fits perfectly), you have just the resting space you want to place your mobile, for example.

Modern bedside table
Modern bedside table

classic chest of drawers

All the original designs bring something unique, and if you prefer the practicality of the drawers of a lifetime in your bedside table, you can bet on a classic model like these.

This alternative consists of a simple table, with two or three drawers and a surface above. As you can see, it is not necessary to complicate your life very much and you can also add that unique touch with the decoration that you place on top.

original modern bedside table
original modern bedside table

Combining with the headboard

We show you a few more examples of bedside table models that have been designed with the style of the headboard in mind. Naturally, they combine perfectly both in color and shape, and denote a lot style.

With this idea, you can make it look like the headboard extends by the surrounding furniture. As you can see, you don't have to limit yourself to keeping the textures on your bedside tables, you can also extend it to the dressers, cabinets and other components of the room. All this will contribute Unique personality to a room at the same time as important and intimate as the bedroom. Whatever type of model you choose, surely after getting one original bedside table and decorate it as it deserves, your bedroom will begin to transmit all your personality

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