9 advantages of having a dressing table at home

Are you thinking about whether or not you should install a dressing table in your house? In this Franco Furniture article we will explain all the advantages of having one in any home. You will end up buying it even if you have little space!

1. You finally have an area to dedicate to your beauty

How many times have there been arguments in your home for being bothering someone who was retouching? No one likes to be picked on right at that moment of vulnerability. You're focused on combing your hair or doing your eyeliner, and it can be a tricky time. Of course, the appearance of other people from behind, with the danger of give you a scare or blight at the most delicate moment, it can be irritating and cause many headaches.

If the dressing table with mirror has something, it is the ability to create a area designed so that the person can be fixed calmly. It is a specific place in the house that you know you can go to when you need it, and other people will not go near it if you are there touching up.

When you have a place like this, dedicated to beauty, you can fully enjoy the ritual comfortably, without feeling that you are so unprotected against the invaders. Anyone who loves to be quiet while putting on a cream, while getting a haircut, doing their hair or putting on makeup, needs a dressing table

If this does not seem like enough of an argument to you, wait because we have 8 more.

Modern makeup dressing table with methacrylate legs
Practical makeup vanity

2. You have all your makeup in the same place

We are aware that many love to have different beauty products scattered around the house, but the truth is that this is not a good decision. After all, it does not cause a good feeling or well-being, and not only because of what the guests may think of you. This is even more delicate when you have children or pets, who could put themselves at risk if they consume or misuse these products.

The dressing table is an ideal piece of furniture to start putting order. If you use it well, you will always know that in the dressing table you have everything you need to do your makeup, and you don't have to go around the house looking for the materials. In other words, you save time and space because at last you have everything at hand. All this increases your comfort when putting on makeup.

Having a place to store all your beauty products also allows you to better control the stocks, so this way you can tell at a glance when something is missing, so you can replace it in time for the next session

3. You will have your products cleaner

Having ordered all your products in one place only designed for makeup, as we said, you will be able to see them all at a glance and this means that you will be aware of how are they. For this reason, you will be able to end your ritual by seeing which utensils have been stained or dirty, and thus be able to clean them before his condition worsens.

This suits you, because by taking good care of your products you will ensure that they have a much longer service life. Keep in mind that a makeup brush doesn't work as well when it's stained after multiple makeup sessions.

Controlling, ordering and maintaining your products, you will not have to buy new utensils as often. Thus, having a dressing table with a mirror in your room will be synonymous with savingindirect as it may seem.

design dressing table with mirror led lights
dressing table with mirror lights

4. The powder room is a multi-purpose space

Who said that the dresser with mirror have to be exclusive to makeup? If you feel so comfortable in that space, nobody prevents you from using it for other things that you want to do there. 

Many people fall so in love with their dressing table that they end up using it even as office table, at least for tasks that require less space such as drawing, writing, reading, crafts and even YouTube videos. If you are interested in this aspect, here you can learn more about our desk dressing table.

Actually, if you have a small house and you wonder whether or not you should buy a piece of furniture like this, as you can see, you will take advantage of the little space it occupies. In fact, the dressing table It is one of the most compact pieces of furniture you can buy., so you shouldn't think twice before getting one.

5. The makeup vanity is a great decoration

As you will see in our dressing table section, there are many types. They all have their own design, and you will find more models economic or more focused on luxury. That said, they all have unique personalities. You just have to walk around the section to find out.

Take, for example, the NB01 dressing table, from the high-end collection NEW BEAUTIFUL: It's a white dresser and elegance, with a design that fits perfectly on dark backgrounds and with other light furniture. The design of its legs is also very striking. It looks great in houses where you want to convey a feeling of exclusivity and luxury.

Quality dressing table for the most demanding tastes
Design details in vanity

If what you are looking for is something a little more Minimalist, that fits in with other types of decorations, you have for example the MX44 dressing table with mirror, from the economic range collection MAXIMO. Instead of using a fancy chair, opt for an upholstered (albeit comfortable) pouf that is functional nonetheless. This is a perfect type of dressing table for houses with more modernist decoration.

Modern dressing table with ample storage space
Cute and practical dressing table

6. A plus for professionals

Until now we have been talking about the applicability of the dressing table in the private field, but what self-respecting beauty professional should not have a makeup vanity?

If you dedicate yourself to doing other people's makeup, yes or yes, you need at least one of our high-end dressing tables. Keep in mind that if you opt for quality, you will greatly improve the iImpression you cause to your clients. Your beauty salon will look like another.

Keep in mind that in business looks count, are part of what the person perceives to decide to enter or not, and that will be decisive for the rest of the service and your success as a professional. 

If you are going to have people in a room, make sure it has all the elements to perspire elegance y class. Thus, you will be able to offer a much more pleasant experience and your clients will return (in addition to surprising you with 5-star reviews on Google).

7. Designed to make you look better than ever

Besides all the other advantages, like the fact that it creates a makeup area, we must not forget that a boudoir is a place designed to put on makeup, with all that it implies. Not only is it a piece of furniture with reduced dimensions, ideal for containing small products such as beauty products, but everything has a reason in its creation.

Having a mirror essential, of course, but you also have to keep in mind that everything is just the height you need to be used freely. The table and chair are just where they should be so you can see your face clearly, and it's easy to stow so it takes up as little space as possible. 

If you don't enjoy a point with good natural or artificial light, don't worry, because in addition to our line we also have lighted vanities. They not only add a touch of unique design to your environment, but also add the increased visibility what that means. You will never lack angles without makeup, because you will have everything well lit!

makeup vanity with led light mirror
mirror with led light for vanity

8. The dressing table is a piece of furniture that improves your quality of life

Is it worth investing in a good, high-quality, handcrafted dressing table? We believe so, and that is why at Franco Furniture we always bet on the quality furniture.

Most of the dressing tables that you can find today are mass-produced, and this is because, although in the past the dressing table was a piece of craftsmanship seen as a high-luxury piece of furniture, the truth is that more and more people want one in your home. 

Buying a high-quality dressing table is a long-term investment, so rest assured that a makeup vanity from Franco Furniture will last you many more years than one bought in some other chain where the materials are of lower quality.  

9. Let's not forget the mirror

The dressing table is a piece of furniture that stands out for the ease it gives to put on makeup, but we must not forget that its mirror provides even more utility if possible.

If you get a dressing table with a wide mirror, as is the case with models such as the NB15 or NB33 dressing table, you will have before you a way to see your reflection beyond your face and, therefore, to see how blouses, t-shirts, hairstyles and much more look on you.

At the end of the day, this is a drawer for anyone who knows about makeup. Good makeup always comes well accompanied by ways of dressing and combing that reinforce the result. 

With a good mirror, you will have it much easier to prepare everything in the same place. This makes the dresser a nice piece of furniture to have in the bedroom or dresser. This way you will save space and money on buying another mirror, keep that in mind!

Let's also not forget that a mirror helps to improve the feeling of spaciousness in small spaces, so that further enhances the usefulness of this piece of furniture, which didn't seem like a big deal, but it is!

As you have seen, if you are thinking about the best furniture for your home, the dressing table It is a perfect piece of furniture to have at home. You have an essential piece of furniture at an unbeatable price that you can find in our distributors' stores. It will be a perfect piece of decoration, with functionality that goes beyond just makeup. Enjoy a piece of furniture like this, that gives you the quality of life you deserve!

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