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Lucena furniture with its own seal.

Franco Furniture we are a company specialized in the manufacture of designer furniture for the home. Among our wide range of collections you will find marriage bedrooms, lounge furniture and all kinds of auxiliary furniture.

A long history as furniture maker and our service vocation make Franco Furniture products a safe bet when decorating your home. Our company currently has a wide presence in international markets more demanding and remains a benchmark in the Spanish furniture market.

In our Furniture Factory in Lucena (Córdoba) We design and manufacture each and every one of our products by hand. Qualified personnel with proven experience and materials from leading European firms guarantee the durability of our furniture that goes through strict quality controls before leaving our facilities.

Franco Furniture has an extensive network of furniture stores that distribute our products and guarantee the complete satisfaction of the final consumer. In our distributors you will find the advice you need when it comes to giving the last push to decorating your home.

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Designer Furniture for Your Home

Franco Furniture History

The Franco family started their business 40 years ago in a small goldsmith workshop in Lucena (Córdoba - Spain).

Noble metal crafts and forging were the specialty of «Paco Franco», the founder, who was known for a time in the Cordovan town as «The leader of the rising Sun», for a succulent contract that he signed with a peculiar Japanese businessman. It was at a Tokyo trade fair that Tatsuro Mihara fell in love with his artistic umbrella stands and placed a large order with him on one condition: to turn them into sophisticated garbage cans.

El Japan came to visit Lucena's workshop with a magnifying glass to examine in detail each screw of the luxurious design cubes that imported by the thousands. It was the early 90s, before the company turned its production around and began manufacturing, in 1996, wrought iron and wood furniture.

In 1984 the family founded a new society, F. Franco e Hijos, and in 2002 the company moved to the current facilities, a production and logistics center of 14.000 square meters, where 100 employees came to work. In this evolution, the founder's wife, Toñi López, played "an essential role", highlight her sons, Juan José and Paco Franco, already at the helm of Franco Furniture, the company's commercial brand.

Company news

This second generation had to face the economic crisis. In 2011 the company reinvented itself, not only in product, but in all business areas. Carrying out deep marketing studies that would lead them to achieve their current identity.

In this regard, a feasibility plan was drawn up marking a two-year term to redirect the trend and recover sales. A year later we not only kept ourselves alive, but also managed to open up foreign markets, such as the United States, Canada, Panama or Russia, where we have consolidated ourselves today.

Since 2014 business growth has been continuous and for this year the forecast for Cordovan businessmen is to reach a turnover of 6 million euros after growing by 15%. To reach this level they have invested in new production and design teams and in reinforcing the staff. The R + D + i department has played an important role in this comeback, to which they allocate 5% of annual sales.

We already export 15% of our production and we intend to reach 20% in the short term. The furniture firm It covers both the traditional channel of stores and decoration studios, that open the opportunity to opt for comprehensive design projects.

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Furniture in Lucena, innovative tradition

Lucena, the geographical center of Andalusia, is home to a large number of companies dedicated to the manufacture of furniture, both for the home, kitchen and derivatives.
A tradition that has been adapted over the years, making a place for itself in the most demanding markets.

Furniture in Lucena, innovative tradition

It is significant how in different populations and regions of Spain there are specialized industrial sectors that despite time and changes in production systems continue to be a national benchmark in their union.
With this outlook, the Lucentian furniture industry has continued not only limiting itself to its traditional sales channel, but also expanding through exports worldwide.
Within all this network of furniture companies in Lucena we find ourselves, Franco Furniture. A family business that has grown over the years thanks to the efforts of both workers and owners. And that currently you can say that it has the widest product range on the market as you can see below.

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