Whether we furnish our first home, as if we are planning to redecorate one of our rooms, these tips will be very useful.
We are faced with the task of choosing the furniture that was part of our life for many years and is worth stopping to study and establish our needs.

Define a budget

Be clear about the budget that we have in critical. But we agobiemos, the style is not always holding hands price. Today there are very attractive options with excellent value for money.
Often simply finding the right store that offers the best value for money service.

Unfurnished house or flat budget

Maintain the proportions

Respect the proportions between the size of the rooms and furniture that incorporate an aspect to take into account. We must begin always choosing the essentials and go slowly adding other auxiliary accessories and decorative elements.

Define our style

Each person we have our own style and personality that mark our preference when decorating or choosing furniture for the house.
At present there is no need to stick to a single style trend because it is eclectically combining different decorative elements that make up a room.

Find your comfort

To avoid losing the horizon when selecting the furniture must not forget the sense of practical and functional furniture. Choosing pieces that provide us the cotidina life within our home.

Decorar y amueblar nuestro hogar

Design and harmony.

Achieve harmony respecting the design and proportions of the room create welcoming environments that allow us total relaxation at home.
The use of colors in upholstery enjoyable, curtains, and other supplements will transmit us the feeling of harmony we seek.

A home for all

Take into account the preferences of everyone within our family, spouse, children, etc. strictly necessary.
Our housing must meet the needs of all to create a comfortable home.
For them it is essential that the common areas conform to all but in turn each have its own space.

Storage space

You have specific furniture and storage spaces that are comfortable and practical we provide everyday. So we always have to order our belongings and access to them is easy.
The cabinets are already conventional or emprotados here become essential parts, but we must not forget the rest of furniture when it comes to earning extra storage space. For example, At this point canapes bed, trunks, showcases, dressers, etc. play an important role to consider.
All this combined with a good organization will give us the necessary storage space.

Enzo bedroom trundle bed

Enzo bedroom trundle bed

The order is our ally

bookshelves, comfortable, sinfonieres, dressers, etc. They are furniture that we help maintain order in our house.
A tidy home gives feeling of spaciousness, armonia and even cleaning, transmiento and relaxation and peace.
If all family members cooperate in maintaining order live better and be happier.

Mueble de dormitorio o salon

Enzo Furniture Collection

What to do when our house is small?

We must encourage furniture that is basic to create minimalist spaces but then incorporate some decorative objects. Always without saturating the space available.
If for example we have few rooms we can always use items like sofa beds which will give us an extra seating area face visits or family.

What to do when our house is big?

A lot of space can make us lose the sense of proportional dimensions, sometimes leading us to sin of lack or excess furniture.
Our goal is to find a harmony where design goes hand in hand creating space spectacular rooms that reflect our own style.

Aesthetic and practical

Combination of aesthetics and practicality create environments that comply perfectly with the expectations and needs that we expect from our home on a daily basis.
Today there are multifunctional furniture that we provide practical solutions for the development of our daily activities.
Storage, leisure, break, comfort, are points that we should always keep in mind when furnishing or decorating a room.
We hope these tips to furnish a home you have found useful.
From here we encourage you to enjoy the exciting task of creating your home.