The sideboard is a large piece of furniture that will allow us to decorate a wall or corner of our living room, taking advantage of its special size for storage of goods and other items, helping keep order at home.


According to the decor and style present in your home, You can choose a type of dresser or other, because today there are many possibilities in terms of size, design and style of this furniture.

After a time in which this furniture section and has been considered a traditional furniture for classic environments, Today's designers have returned to give this piece its lost prominence with straighter lines and shapes and modern designs

UTILITY Sideboard

The use that we will give the sideboard will not be the same if we decide to place it in the kitchen or lounge, so when you buy must know that their role will be different, and will not keep the same objects inside if you are placed in one place or another. That is important to think about this before and so choose this movable drawers, doors or a combination of both.


If in the area of ​​your house where you want to place the sideboard you do not have enough space, the best option is to choose a sideboard with sliding doors that slide, to take advantage of the space you have left before

If you have a larger space in which to place this furniture instead, You can opt for folding doors that are traditionally used in this cabinet

Sideboard function is to save and store accessories and related objects table where we will make our meals everyday, so its most logical location is close to the dining table to have everything at hand.


Once chosen style sideboard, we need to consider if we want this cabinet support directly on the ground or not.

If the sideboard reaches the ground and has no legs, It implies that a single high in the cabinet have greater storage capacity. Or if instead we prefer that this carry legs, its shape will provide a more streamlined and classic style

Generally all the furniture that makes up the same room such as the living room (even if they are separate rooms), It is normal to choose furniture in the same line to keep the continuity of style we want for our living room. If the furniture for the living area we chose legless for example, it makes sense not carry the dresser legs.

If your apartment or house you do not have many square meters to place large furniture that, and you'll be escas @ cabinet, it makes sense to lean toward dressers without legs having more storage capacity.


Sideboards akary with LED Touch System


Sideboard metal leg


If you choose a sideboard chest of drawers, sure inside capacity. A dresser drawer in you are going to provide a storage utility to sort your things such as shelves are not going to offer

Of something that we do not look much when we buy a piece of furniture it is inside it. Note that an interior wood, Natural or lacquered sheet will cost more clearly and have more quality than one that is synthetic. Also important is the quality of the back of the dresser, if it moves or flexes for example when you play, and if inside the dresser optionally bearing elements like shelves

Today the sideboard is not only used to store goods related to food, but its functionality for storage, while increasingly we find this furniture in other rooms of the house as greeters, hallways or walls that are very empty and soulless

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the dresser is a cabinet that has evolved over time with a transformation, becoming a cornerstone combining high storage space with modern and contemporary designs.


We chose a beautiful dresser for our room, but often the fact decorate and fill it with decorative elements tiresome makes the furniture itself we pass unnoticed. A nice way to accompany and decorate a dresser is with plants, candles, some attractive ceramic element, or even something as simple as placing a picture of our creative photographs or personal preference supported between the dresser top and the wall.

Choose a style sideboard and therefore furniture for your living room according to your personality and lifestyle. Now it is deciding on a rustic, modern, traditional, minimalist, etc ... At present the possibilities for designs are endless so you only have to choose a decorative trend, and if you have any questions let you advise by professionals.