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The sideboards outstanding design without neglecting its main function storage, giving us extra space to store many useful items in our living room. Traditionally they used for crockery but now have multiple functions because of its versatility. Currently they used as wet bars or store movies, vinyl or cds. ¡You choose to use!

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Dressers have always been present in human life, objects are usually made of wood, where you can store wide variety of things, are a striking decorative if placed and filled with the correct way, making a space no longer be simple, to become a more personal place according to individual tastes. It is therefore, which then, It will be presented with the use of Aparados and where to place them according to the objects that conform.


Dressers can be anywhere in the house or office, are shelves that have the ability to hold a lot of things. Originally, They are used to store and display porcelain crockery in places like; the dining room or kitchen. Currently, dressers are used to store any type of objects, whether they are books, Photos, documents, artworks,among others.

Although in the windows you can place what is most desired, It would not be the most appropriate, sideboards place certain objects of a specific place, elsewhere in the room or house. Thus, It will be developed below, a list of places where you could put these decorative shelves and given a number of recommendations to continue to stand out in your decor.

right place as containing dressers:

– If the intention is to show a nice porcelain crockery, it would be appropriate to expose in the kitchen or dining room, with clear glass so that it can appreciate without touching.

– Yes you want to fill a book aparadorde, it would be appropriate to be placed in a living room, library or study, preferably containing various tabs to organize books.

– Conversely, if you want to fill with clothes, it would be appropriate bathroom or room, trying to contrast dresser with other objects in the bedroom.

– For offices, dressers are perfect for saving documents, archivarlos, placing books and pens that are available to people.

As I can appreciate, dressers are objects of great utility, especially if you manage to contrast with the environment where you want to put on and for that, We offer the best website to find the right sideboard, able to adapt to your needs and requirements within the limits of the client's personality and environment

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Sideboards Design 13 June, 2018