Auxiliary Furniture

Auxiliary Furniture, your ally at home

It usually happens quite often that when we already have almost all the chosen home furniture we have some ricon to complete. That's when the occasional furniture, giving light to those spaces.

Receiver Auxiliary Cover

Choose a functional and stylish auxiliary furniture It will make life at home much easier and give the final decorative touch.

Auxiliary furniture is considered to be furniture that a priori does not have a fundamental role at home, but which provides quality of life and comfort for the whole family.

Auxiliary furniture with decorative style

In the market there are many options but from Franco Furniture we bet on a quality auxiliary furniture where design and practicality combine. Providing value to any stay in our home.

Sideboard Sideboard


Receivers, Radiator Covers or Shoe Cabinets are part of the wide assortment that we present in our Azkary II collection, which with more than 500 pages full of products has become a benchmark in the sector.

We hope that among our proposals you have found living room furniture, bedroom or any corner of your home. Enjoy decorating your home with Franco Furniture.

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