People who bet on having a bar counter are usually people who enjoy entertaining family and friends at home. Therefore can not be considered as a simple furniture to store drink but a comfortable and pleasant area where a good time with our loved ones. thus fostering our social life.

A home bar, meetinghouse

When we decided to install a home bar, the ideal is to have a wide specific room where we have access to other hobbies like music, film or games. But nevertheless, Typically bars bar are located in our classrooms because households today tend to be somewhat smaller. For this very reason it is important to choose furniture functional bar and measures that suit our needs.

Furniture in Franco We are aware of all these factors and have designed a series of bar assemblies for taking into account the demands of today's consumer.

Photos bar bar housing

Wide variety of finishes and models offer the possibility to choose the furniture that best suits our style and turn combine with other furniture in our house.

Functionality and design come together to create unique spaces where our social gatherings a success.

Sean style to be, the undeniable fact is that having a home bar It is a great option to give the home side a playful personality that reflects our social.

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Bar bars Homes 17 May, 2017