Headboards The final touch to your bedroom

The headboards bed give the final touch of personality and design to our bedrooms. Nowadays, headboards are very varied style offering a wide range to choose the one that best suits our tastes.

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Both our bedroom furniture and decoration and lighting should provide a feeling of tranquility and harmony we seek for our break room.

Styles headboard

upholstered headboards

bed headboard upholstered entirely offers a very elegant option to distinguish the bedroom and the bed.
Upholstered enjoy timeless character due to the wide range of textiles, fabrics and colors that offer, giving each of them a feel and style totally different.

Wood with upholstered headboards

Combine an elegant upholstered with lacquered trim it provides a contrast that can be summarized in a balanced combination that gives us a wide range of possibilities.

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Wrought iron headboards and metal

Another option which is available is to opt for a metal forging or headboard, although it offers less range of possibilities and depending on the design you choose may be less cozy and somewhat cold.

Headboards with light and seamless connections

Today and adapting to new technologies there are many options to incorporate a headboard, adjustable lighting, USB ports, audio systems give us the ability to adjust this decorative piece to our daily needs.
Since Franco Furniture committed to a careful design without forgetting the quality and use of the best materials.

Aspects to consider when choosing a headboard

Size and shape of the headboard

As important as how large, It is essential to know the best way to achieve the expressiveness we want. Not only is that the head is rectangular or round shapes, but also whether they are straight and elongated, vertically longer taking up space on the wall ...

First of all, thing to consider is that if we want a headboard with great prominence and size considerably, the bed should be large and quite spacious room, because if we do not run the risk of "shrink" stay. If you have a smaller room but we want the headboard continues to have a considerable weight, a good option is to opt for a smaller but whose creativity in the forms or tissues are more "groundbreaking".

Colors and hue

As we always say, in the case of the choice of colors which must be taken into account is their conjugation with the tones of each element of the bedroom, keeping the maximum possible consistent with the style of the room.

However, a particular aspect to consider in the case of headboards, is that available inside the room, dark colors tend to give them depth, while whites have a more "aligerador" effect, very recurrent when we have a more overloaded stay or want to have a more minimalist design. It is important to consider these aspects when deciding the overall design of the bedroom.

Why not?, the comfort

By last, an aspect especially if you like to read in bed, keep in mind that upholstered allow you to support you and get a good position on them if you have a fluffy material that will provide comfort.