Choose the headboard is one of the most important decisions when decorate the bedroom, We should not take it as a piece of furniture because it has a key role in the decoration of the room and can make our style and personality.

Some ideas for you Upholstered headboards available finishes ¿We can help you?

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Nothing better than to get a tiring day, a hot shower and get into bed to read a book, browse social networks, watch a movie or chat with your partner while you are comfortably lying on a bed headboard. Throughout the article, It will expose reasons why it is perfect to have a nice padded headboard and where to find them quickly and easily.


exist headboards all types, of all sizes, shapes, colors, for all ages and decorated. There is a wide variety of headboards and although at present are not very commonly used, They are ideal for people who love to read before bedtime, browse their social networks or watch a movie. Provided that I managed to concentrate with the concept of the room, will not be out of place or old-fashioned. If they are padded comfort will allow you to sit up in bed, plus it will accentuate the room decor, if you choose the right way, if they are wood might spaces to place objects added to it and if metal, It could accentuate the elegance in the bedroom.

The great thing about the headboards is that, provide an opportunity to adapt to the personality of the person who wishes to use, yes it is a little boy, he could add decorative as children; stuffed animals or dolls, if a young teenager, It could use what is fashionable, decorate the entire headboard with bright lights and hanging photos, If a young adult he is, according to personal tastes, You could have shelves and drawers for personal items,  Conversely,if an older person he is, a headboard classic, but elegant with good lighting, It would be ideal at bedtime. There for everyone and you just have to know where to best fit your needs when you say to a touch or playful elegance to your room.

If it gets a little complicated the process of selecting a headboard, She is confused and does not know which option would best suit your style of room, Franco Furniture you can find an extensive gallery of photos on various types of headboards adjusted to any room, from the smallest of the house to the darlings grandparents, Recalling that the company always adapts Franco Furniture products to customer needs, giving incredible results.

Lacquered and upholstered headboards

Furniture Franco have a wide variety of headboards to suit the most varied decorative styles. We have special measures to offer our customers a wide range of finishes, upholstery and options to make the right choice.

Upholstered headboards work performed

The upholstered headboards may set both modern classics bedrooms, while those made entirely of wood has a more classic cut.
In our upholstery handcrafted work lovingly caring for every detail. Work that impresses with its finesse and elegance. Being manufacturer we give you the ability to customize the fabric or finish you prefer and suits you. Here are some almost ready jobs to serve passing through quality control, ¿what do you think?

Headboards 8 June, 2018