Furniture Franco as company bases its policy on the constant innovation, for this reason we undertake today a series of articles on our blog where we will explain in more depth the different features that make our furniture a product with high added value that guarantees the total satisfaction of the most demanding customers.


To begin with it hardware systems that they embody all our furniture. But before we delve into technical features or functionality of these elements, briefly describe the importance of the same when it comes to offering consumers a quality product.

The main objective when selecting hardware is ensure durability and correct operation. Providing comfort in everyday driving and facilitating the daily life of users.


While there are elements that at first pass somewhat unnoticed, for us, They are a cornerstone in the construction of each of the items of furniture. Therefore we only work with leading European brands that meet all warranty requirements established.

Blum – Emuca – INDAUX – FGV

Once shown the importance of these we briefly describe some of the hardware systems that incorporate our furniture:


guidewires in Drawers

All our drawers feature metal runners with brake lock type that bring stability to this part of much use and pose a greater comfort when handling.

Quality hinges

They are a key element in the life of every cabinet. A hinge quality implies a stable door, ensuring a correct opening and closing of this element so important in furniture.


hydraulic pistons

The use of hydraulic pistons for opening or closing in some progressive parts of our collections is basic. Increasing comfort and functionality of the same.

Closures push

Systems with push opening or closing doors and drawers appear that by design or choice of client does not consist of outside handle. Thus with a simple touch the piece opens easily and comfortable.