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In the following article we will try to address the concerns that professionals in the world of furniture may have about the formaldehyde emissions regulations, also known as Phase 2 of CARB or CARB2.

With the CARB2 certifications The aim is to establish a standard to control products that may affect air quality in closed spaces. The element that CARB2 aims to moderate is none other than formaldehyde.

What damage can Formaldehyde cause?

El formaldehyde implies a risk to people which has been related to carcinogenic processes.

It is a strong-smelling, yet colorless gas produced naturally in the environment by emissions related to combustion or decomposition processes of all types of wood.

In turn, it is present in exhaust gases, tobacco smoke or firewood, and can also be generated by household appliances such as combustion heaters.

CARB2 Formaldehyde Risk Certification

What is CARB2 certification?

CARB 2 is the emission standard of the California Air Resources Board for formaldehyde exposure in wood composite products.

The first phase (CARB 1) went into effect on January 1, 2009. Shortly after the introduction of CARB 1, the California Air Resources Board decided to make the emission standards stricter. Effective January 1, 2011, CARB 2 went into effect.

Why is CARB 2 compliance important?

This regulation is important because it guarantees that the air we breathe is healthy and free of carcinogens that can harm us. As of 2011, formaldehyde was added to the United States federal government list of carcinogens due to its health effects, often irritation of the nose and throat, burning eyes or difficulty breathing, pain head and nausea.

Formaldehyde is emitted from a variety of sources: fireplaces, tobacco smoke, and wood stoves, to name a few.

Who is subject to the CARB 2 requirements?

Those who sell, supply, offer for sale, manufacture or export composite wood products are subject to CARB requirements. This includes manufacturers, importers and exporters, furniture manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Franco Furniture complies with CARB2 certification

Our Fibralac MDF respects all environmental regulations complying with the CARB2 certification. If you need more information you can see here all about our furniture manufacturing materials.

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