Kiu new collection is composed of a number of bedrooms with a modern design adapted to today's homes. Lots of finishes, measures and possibilities make this collection a safe bet when decorating your room more personal.

Double bedrooms

The double bedrooms They are the ideal place to share unique experiences with the beloved space, It is where maximal binding is achieved as a couple, as friends and as lovers. It's right in the bedroom, where the energies of a day full of activities are released. It is therefore, the following article is intended, to publicize the positive that can be for couples, having their own intimate space.

Make their master bedrooms an intimate space

Much of the life of a human being is consumed sleeping, regularly 8 hours nightly, is why the dormitorioes a fundamental piece in the daily lives of people. Such a significant space as it is a room, It must be nice, comforting and relaxing, because that is where the energies of everyday life are downloaded and recover strength to continue. Thedouble bedrooms, and contain all of the above, You must provide privacy and aura necessary for a partner who is destined to share the duration of that union, so, is counterproductive that the couple sleep in spaces that generate incomodad, discomfort and bad energies that eventually will make bedtime something needed unrewarding.

Some tips to achieve harmony in the master bedroom:

  • Avoid at all costs have to look untidy documents, the bedroom is for wide range of activities, but among them it is not included work.
  • Use colors that make you feel relaxed and at peace, avoiding some bright colors or too bright.
  • Have good ventilation and that the air can circulate freely, and permanence of unpleasant odors and moisture is avoided.
  • Avoid using distracting devices TVs and sleep.
  • Possessing an object to distribute with relaxing music taste.
  • Good lighting throughout the area.
  • A bed that is comfortable and pleasant to lie with different types of pillows Quilted.

Finally, to achieve excellent finishes, comfort and incredible intimacy and connection with your partner, Kiu new collection, It offers a variety of bedrooms marriage, adapted to the highest requirements of customers and the place where the couple resides.