CECO MADERA It is a business professional organization, nonprofit, incorporated in 2014, whose main purpose management and defense of economic interests, social and professional partners, and to promote economic and social development Cordovan Wood Sector.


  • Representation, defense and promotion of business interests Professional, economic, social and cultural partners.


  • Encouraging solidarity of the associated entrepreneurs promoting and creating common services business nature, healthcare, cultural and human.


  • Planning the necessary actions to achieve social and economic improvements for its members.


  • Organize a constant cultural and professional training and advocacy work of partners.


  • Stimulate consumption and sale products associated companies, by disseminating and advertising necessary.


  • Handle queries and reports formulated by the partners in relation to their professional problems.


  • Settle, at their request, the issues raised among members of the Association within their business activities.


  • Appoint advisers and experts on the issues that require and denounce and prosecute underground and intrusiveness in business activities object of the association. Defend the system of free competition and free enterprise.


  • Promote and defend woodcraft, furniture and related work.


  • CECOMadera has as priority objectives socio-cultural and economic development of the sector, entities or persons representing achieve positions and achieve excellence in markets.
  • Marked as priorities are also training, continuous information and assistance in obtaining preferential financing, and assistance in achieving grants, opening new markets and achieving specific projects tailored to the needs demanded by associate members.
  • As ultimate goal, an association must have, getting the recognition of the importance to the industrial fabric and employment, It has the sector it represents within its territory, and position the sector in economic decision-making circles.

Franco Furniture como design furniture manufacturer, bedrooms and living rooms, It belongs to this partnership and hopes that through this union can reach the improvement of the sector for the sake of all who make up.