Mueble de España 100% Original
¿Recognizing a Franco furniture Furniture design?

On many occasions since Franco Furniture we have spoken of care and attention we work with every new piece, from design to manufacturing, Multiple factors that are considered, because we believe that a well thought out design is based on a great product.

In Franco Furniture we meet the needs of today's consumer. A consumer who values ​​every day more than the piece respects the environment, therefore we work with sustainable materials respectful with the environment, selecting suppliers for our woods, varnishes and fittings social responsibility recognized as FINSA, ILVA or BLUM.

For the management of these companies it is a priority develop high quality products that meet the ideals of design and all environmental safeguards.

When you buy a new product ¿how to know if it has been manufactured by Franco Furniture? or it is a copy.





All our products are printed packaging with our corporate image.




On the back of each piece is a sticker with a barcode, the code contains the traceability of the piece, essential to guarantee.


Repair Kit


Is included to solve minor damage you may suffer.


Cleaning Kit


For all parts High Gloss kit for handling and cleaning is included


Installation Manual


Detailed instructions for the proper assembly of products.


Quality Control Sheet


Document indicating the step for verifying quality of this piece before delivery.

Mueble de España 100% Original

Why the original is always better, buy your authentic Franco.

Each cabinet includes a Guarantee Card, the guarantee of a company with years of experience in the design and manufacture of furniture of the highest quality.
Furniture Spain 100% Original 23 March, 2015