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The greeters or vestibules, They are anticipated presentation of the facade of a home, office or business, because it is the preamble to what is to come, That is why the receiver will display his letter to outsiders to their place of residence. Thus, The following article will develop the advantages of owning a suitable and pleasant hall for visitors, but also the disadvantages of not having one.



The greeters They are the prelude to what will be inside the home, office or business, is the letter and representation of what a person, business or enterprise means. Despite playing a key role, greeters are espaciosreducidos, which usually arrives correspondence, where the shelter is left, hat, portfolios or just keep the keys of the place. But it has simplicity in this regard, there are key points that are important to note, if you want to create a good first impression, thus, a list of advantages and disadvantage developed about the same, recommending what to avoid and suggesting what should be yes.


Advantages of owning a presentable hall:

  • The first impression is the most difficult to erase, thus, to have a good hall, His image also get a good approval.
  • Lighting is essential for greeters, Ensure that the entire area possesses good quality lighting, and clarity will be present to receive people or correspondence.
  • The finishes of the walls should be consistent with what you want to present, and great harmony will be achieved and what is said and what is.
  • The order is critical at presentation, therefore excess correspondence or hanging garments should be avoided in the rack.
  • The less, better.

Disadvantages of owning a hall in poor condition:

  • As it has been referring to throughout the article, greeters are the presentation of which will continue into, If this has bad conditions ¿What impression outsiders will take?
  • A receiver disordered will talk over what is done in place, what you can say.
  • The lack of adequate lighting difficult reading correspondence or receipt of persons.
  • The color of the walls may influence negatively if they can not express what you want to represent.

Exposed and the advantages and disadvantages of owning a hall, Furniture company Franco, It offers the best finishes for any environment imaginable that the customer wants

Utility input consoles

In most cases, when we arrived at our home we have nowhere to put keys, glasses or other small things we carry. The worst thing about this situation is that we tend to forget where we left. As the aisle space is usually quite limited as a rule, the consoles input of decant as the perfect solution for these purposes. A useful furniture while decorative that will welcome you to our house to anyone we receive.

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