MX37 Receiver

Original hall with exclusive design

Console Dimensions Available * No added cost

MX3740250 100cm x 80cm x 40cm (2 Drawers)
MX3740251 120cm x 80cm x 40cm (3 Drawers)
MX3740252 150cm x 80cm x 40cm (3 Drawers)


Metal Mirror Measurements Available Measurements

MX58527 80cm x 80cm
MX58528 100cm x 100cm

MX58522 100cm x 52cm
MX58526 140cm x 73cm


Original receivers with unique design and all the quality you expect for your home.

Special price for a piece of furniture that will undoubtedly look great at home.

We have distributors throughout the country who will be happy to assist you.

* Franco Furniture is not responsible for any typographical or visual error that may exist on this website. Please check in the store before ordering that all the information is correct and that the chosen finishes match what you want.

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