Console Input MX38

Hall Furniture

Console Dimensions Available * No added cost

MX3842300 100cm x 80cm x 40cm ( 2 Drawers )
MX3842301 120cm x 80cm x 40cm ( 3 Drawers )
MX3842302 150cm x 80cm x 40cm ( 3 Drawers )

Metal Mirror Measurements Available Measurements

MX21010 60cm x 60cm x 6cm
MX21011 80cm x 80cm x 6cm
MX21012 100cm x 100cm x 6cm

A number one in sales within our receivers. This entrance console will be a hit in your house.

With a style difficult to classify between modern and contemporary, it fits within any decorative taste.

First-class materials and all the guarantees for a piece of furniture that will surprise at first sight.

You have three sizes of hall so you can adapt it to your space at no added cost.

Thousands of homes already have it! Do not miss out on yours at a very SPECIAL price.

* Franco Furniture is not responsible for any typographical or visual error that may exist on this website. Please check in the store before ordering that all the information is correct and that the chosen finishes match what you want.

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