Cubreradiadores, the best way to hide your radiator, giving a cozy feel to the room, It is using furniture that do not lose touch of style that characterizes you. We have therefore designed a line where design pampers, sobriety and elegance.

Photos of our models

Radiator cover measures available

As important as the design it is to have the possibility to adapt this piece to your needs. So we have the ability to manufacture with wide range of sizes and finishes.

Modern and classic: Choose Radiator cover that best suits you

Furniture in Franco we have a very varied series ranging from classic to modern. Wide range of measures and an extensive wine finishes support these cubreradiadores quality.

If you are looking for an elegant Radiator cover and to provide a bonus to decorate your home with our secure acertarás models. We have outlets throughout the country cubreradiadores just have to give us your inquiry and inform you without obligation.

Cubreradiadores design 18 May, 2017