Dining chairs


Modern and Classic Chairs with all the design

Chairs are essential pieces in any living room. A very useful piece of furniture in our day to day but that does not lose sight of the aesthetic sense.

Modern Design Chairs

Because of this, before buying a chair or another, we must keep ergonomics, design and durability in mind.

At Franco Furniture we have a carpentry and upholstery team that accumulates years of experience as artisans. All this together with the use of top quality fabrics and raw materials make our dining chairs a reliable and durable product.

Dining table and chair sets

All dining table it is not complete without its chairs. Faithful companions who create a group around which both our daily actions and our meetings with family and friends take place.

Choose chairs and tables with the design and quality you expect for your home. Customize them to your liking and enjoy unique pieces for your home.

Manufacturer of upholstered chairs

The choice of fabrics when upholstering this piece of furniture is essential. At Franco Furniture we have an extensive menu of upholstery fabrics always using European brands of proven quality.

Modern Design Chairs

We have polyphiles, velvets and all kinds of textiles that will be ideal in any environment and will give you good use.

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