Dining Tables


Design and Quality dining tables

HR dining tables They are the gathering center with family and friends within our home. A piece of furniture that speaks volumes about our decorative sense and perfectly fulfills its most practical facet.

Design Dining Table

The living-dining room table is characterized by its wide versatility, since in addition to its culinary function it can be our place of games, study or gathering.

At Franco Furniture we are committed to offering our clients a extensive assortment in terms of models, finishes and styles. In our selection you will surely find your ideal table.

Glass, wood or marble tables.

Another of the main characteristics of our dining tables is the possibility of choosing from a huge range of materials: Tempered glass, Lacquered MDF, Marble, Ash, And a long etcetera. Thus having the possibility of fitting them into any style.

Marble table for living room

Important things when choosing a table

Before opting for one model or another, we must be clear about the space we have. For this reason, at Franco Furniture we have multiple measures of each of our models and the possibility of incorporating extendable table systems.

Round Crystal dining table

We also have round, stable and rectangular tables to offer you the possibility of fitting them better in your space.

This way it will be easier for you to choose the perfect table.

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