Divanes, elegance and distinction

Divans are elegant pieces that give the pinzelada exclusivity to any room in your home. extraordinary pieces that draw attention at first glance to be star of all eyes. Here we share some proposals which no doubt will find the one that best suits your style. 'Put a couch in your life!!

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Divan origin

The first news we have of a divan dating from the Ottoman Empire. Being in principle a simple mattress with a side elevation where support arms. At the beginning of the eighteenth century coming to Europe from the hand of literary romanticism of the time beginning to form part of both local and public housing.

But the real revolution took place with the arrival of psychoanalysis in the nineteenth century where his created Sigmund Freud began to use it in their consultations and thus his followers spread.

Comfort and versatility

Without neglecting its natural beauty, these units stand out both for its comfort and its versatility. May have multiple functions as rest, read, wait, etc.

When decorating a space pose a great tool because they are both decorative pieces Práticas. On the other hand although they are furniture that are often purchased individually adapt and combine well with any decor or furniture.

As with all our products we can customize any divan in all our finishes and fabrics, offering a very large range of possibilities for this piece that dazzles itself.