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It is no secret that the master bedroom It is the place, between every room in your home, more characteristics of your personality must have. Why people find it difficult to choose the furniture for this room, in addition to the decorating process that without due knowledge or advice would be quite complicated. Being a room for a couple, there must be a consensus to make this place the most authentic.

Bedroom furniture, the reflection of your personality

The first thing to consider prior to choosing your furniture master bedroom is your personality and your partner. With this you get the room reflects the lifestyle of both. It is therefore important to choose between a classic style, rustic, modern or minimalist and choose the best pieces that suit their needs and interests. It is important to consider a base budget, transferable to define which suit your possibilities.


Marriage bedroom Klassic II

Marriage bedroom Klassic II


Headboards, the core elements of your master bedroom

The bed It is the resting place, where the energy accumulated in the day to day is released and gives way to greater peace possible in any home. The bed also represents the central element to furnish and decorate your master bedroom, therefore it should be the first thing you buy. Based on the dimensions and style of the bed, the decor of your room change.

The headboard the bed is one of the most important elements for decorating your master bedroom. Its manufacturing material and shapes and colors that can have influence on the sensations that transmits the room, because its central location behind the bed, They give way to great creativity when designing. As styles, headboards upholstery covering a wide range of current designs, while the wood They are limited to classic style.

Bedroom Collection ENZO

Bedroom Collection ENZO

Another detail that will make your master bedroom the ideal place to relax and love, are the fabrics and textiles for your bed. Choosing the right tone transmit convenience and comfort, besides textures, with its variety and versatility sometimes steal the limelight from elements such as headboards.

Here we share with you some important keys to the bedroom of our dreams:

How do I distribute the bedroom?

We start with the bed main portion on which we base the decoration. But nevertheless, before purchasing, we calculate the dimensions that remain to locate nightstands on either side (40 minimum cm). If the room is large, You can choose to pick a stool to help us to remove our shoes or dress. As for location,
it is essential to place the headboard on one side of the windows, never in front or behind, so that the light does not cause us discomfort.

Color our walls

The choice of color should be focused break, Hay that is essential when decorating our bedroom. Duces paint the walls with shades, warm and welcoming not provide peace and calm in our break room. We must flee from powerful or garish colors that disturb our desired harmony.

nice floors

Although the bed and headboard are the undisputed protagonists, comfortable ground helps maintain balance and wellbeing. They flooring in warm colors or wood laminate floors combined with carpets provide us a pleasant feeling to walk through our bedroom.

The choice of bed, fundamental

When choosing mattress or mattress should not skimp. It is one of the most important investments we must make. Looking for an ergonomic product that fits our body as well as a good pillow will guarantee us a good night's sleep.


And to finish this post we want to share with you some proposals bedroom we hope will help you in your choice See here

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