EXTENDA – National Meeting Furniture Companies

Twenty firms Andalusian furniture and decoration participate in a business forum with 15 agents from eight countries.

Andalusian twenty companies in the furniture and decoration participate in the international meeting industry that has started today at the headquarters of Extenda in Seville, and will tomorrow, day 16 of March, a second session at the headquarters of Furniture Technology Center in Lucena IAT. This promotional action has been organized by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through Extenda-Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia.

Extenda Encuentro Internacional Sector del Mueble

Extenda International Meeting

Andalusian companies have been able to meet with a delegation of fifteen importers, dealers, opinion makers, wholesalers and stores in eight countries. Specific, this time it has had agents Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Russia, Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.

The action agenda includes bilateral meetings between companies of the community and international buyers, and visits to certain company headquarters, to be held according to the demand of the guests.

Spain furniture companies participants

The firms involved in this business forum come from Sevilla (universe Eirín, Antoñito and Manolín, Furniture Factory Torres, Parladé Pictures, Sofas and Upholstery Ormos Doñana), Cordova (Arttile, Huertas group, Franco Furniture, Furniture Cardenas and Rioma), Granada (Cabinetmaking Hermanos Jimenez Macias and Panno), Málaga (Belda Stilo Interior and Devideal) and Cadiz (Noon and Woga Interior Doors).

In the case of three firms come Jaén, married furniture, Mughlai the Vestania, Real Mancha association that brings together seven manufacturers (anpa, Cincocina, Kazzano, Dormisur, Torralbo, Furniture Guzman and Vamasur).

The objective of this action, which he has enjoyed the cooperation of the Business Promotion Office Extenda in Brussels, London, Moscow, Casablanca, Dubai, Mexico DF and Antennae in Algiers and Kazakhstan, It is to present the supply of quality home furniture and decoration in the international market and promote the closure of trade agreements.

Extenda's participation in this event will be co-funded on a 80% with funds from the European Union, under the ERDF Operational Programme Andalusia 2014-2020.

Andalusian exports the housing sector

Exports reached habitat sector in Andalusia 2015 the 487 millions of euros, a 4,6% more than in the previous year and 23,5% more than five years ago. The first was exporting province in Sevilla 2015 with 232 millions (47,5% del total) and a slight decline in sales -2,4%. Second was Córdoba, with the 15% del total , reaches the 74 million euros and an annual increase of sales 10,6%. Third is Almeria 60 millions (12,3% del total) and an increase of 62%.

The top five destination markets for these exports are France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Morocco and Germany, in this order. The number of exporting companies Andalusian sector has also grown, specific, It has increased 8% in 2015, to reach the 3.326 firms.

Extenda and furniture

Extenda has conducted promotion of furniture and decoration as direct or reverse trade missions, days' journey or attending trade fairs, since the year 2001. Specific, This trade meeting in Andalusia, that international actors are invited, It is repeated every year since 2008.

From Extenda also supports the sector through the channel of "Contract projects”, and many furniture companies are targeted and configured as a pathway that requires a strategic approach. In this area they are made from technical training activities to direct missions and a "Contrac Encounter", which this year will be held in October.

In 2016 It has carried out support at the fair Habitat Valencia. further, It is scheduled to make two technical seminars furniture, one on April Kazakhstan, and another on Morocco in May. also, in June, a meeting will be held in Andalusia with prescribers in the sector to create synergies between Andalusian companies, and two trade missions will also be organized for the furniture industry, Morocco and Algeria.


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