Furniture Manufacturer, Design and Quality.

Franco Furniture Our company furniture manufacturer with extensive experience in the sector we specialized in manufacturing furniture design and quality, with awareness and rebranded respect for our customers and the environment.

The technical department of our company, It is responsible for studying and designing the proposed brand. Creating a uniquely designed furniture that meets the needs of the most demanding customers. The best materials together with careful design, result in our collections currently marketed through our distribution network both domestically and internationally.

Fabricante de Muebles Lucena

Cargo Warehouse – Fábrica Franco Furniture

Upon completion of the design process, begins the process of furniture manufacturing proper. For this we have a modern facilities updated to optimize production processes. This coupled to a team with high readiness and spirit of overcoming Furniture Franco makes a leading company in the sector of furniture manufacturing.

Fabricante de Muebles

Paint booth – Fábrica Franco Furniture

After the manufacturing process itself put under all our furniture to a strict quality control. Aware of the importance of the terminations and the trust our customers place in us.

Acquiring a company of our furniture is acquiring a quality product, I made careful detail and backed by a brand with an outstanding track record in the industry Home Furnishings.

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Products manufactured:



Vanity Chest

Entry Consoles

Tables and chairs