Feng Shui in the bedroom: how to promote rest

There are many cases of people who despite sleeping through the night, feel fatigued throughout the day. Surely, the distribution of your bedroom have something to do. While we sleep, we replenish our vitality; For this reason, it is of great importance to rest surrounded by harmonious energy that helps regenerate sleep and strengthen our Qi (flow of vital energy).

If we use Feng Shui in the bedroom We will be able to promote rest and feel full of vitality at the beginning of the day. We leave you below with some keys:

Feng Shui in the bedroom

1. The headboard: the key


  • For Feng Shui it is essential to protect the head, where the most powerful energy point of our body resides.
  • (The headboard must rest on a firm base, such as the wall) in order to achieve a perfect view of the entire space once lying down.
  • The bed must face south. In this way we promote rest and ease in falling asleep. Because it is important to guide the headboard on the wall facing south. If this is not possible, you can orient it to the west; rest will bring you greater happiness, fortune, and prosperity.
Feng Shui bedroom, the headboard is a key piece

2. Mirrors: yes, take a look at this before

Mirrors give a sense of depth, something we do not look for in a bedroom. When we enter our room we hope to feel security and stability. Feng shui recommends avoiding them also due to the refraction of electromagnetic fields by the material used for their manufacture. If you put them you should avoid:

  • The mirror should not reflect the door leading to the bedroom unless there is sufficient distance.
  • It should not reflect the bathroom door
  • Always check that what the mirror reflects is something nice, beautiful and orderly.
Shoe rack with quality mirror
Shoe cabinet with dressing mirror

3. Happy memories

We should not go overboard with details, but whatever you put, make sure first that it brings back good memories and eliminates what you consider excess.

Feng Shui to have good vibrations in the bedroom 

4. Get away from the door

If you don't, the vital energy (the Qi) will not leave you rest. Place the bed away from the front door. The further away from it, the more control you will have over your life. If not possible, close the door to sleep; the head should also not be facing the door. Remember that by keeping these tips in mind you will attract positive energy.

5. Everything in order

Make sure you have it in order throughout the room, it has cabinets that allow you to store everything; just like the desktop (in case you have it on the bedroom), keep the papers in order, otherwise the mess will not let us rest well.

An orderly bedroom allows us to take advantage of the connection time more efficiently, favors rest and allows our thoughts to flow.

UNIQUE design shoe rack
Shoe cabinet to keep order

6. Good energy

According to feng shui, in a bedroom the energy has to flow naturally above and below you. At this point we focus especially on the area below (since above, energy does not usually find problems when it comes to flowing), where energy will find an obstacle when it comes to flowing, in a bed that has a sofa or a closed work structure. Therefore, beds with legs are the ideal choice in this philosophy.

If we have a low ceiling, the essential thing is to paint it white to modify the optics and thus allow the energy to flow properly.

7. The window

If we put our bed under the window, our energy will be weakened, since to feel safe and protected, we need a solid wall. The ideal in this regard, is to keep the window or windows on the sides of the bed. We leave you with some tips to keep in mind:

  • Regularly cleans glasses to see clear and sharp
  • Put blinds on all windows. They are like the lids of the eyes, necessary to protect the Yin energy.
  • The size is very important, they should not be too large to occupy the entire wall, nor too small because they will not let the energy pass.
  • Open them often to renew the air.
  • If you have any broken or stuck windows, fix them as soon as possible.

8 Balance

How do we get it? Using two tables and two lamps, which will give us emotional balance.


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