Fenix ​​Composition 09

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Headboard for mattress 170 cm

Ref: 71141
Headboard for mattress 170 cm
Size: Width 170 cm, High 140 cm, Background 8 cm.

Base of bed mattress 150x190cm.

Ref: 70291
Base of bed mattress 150x190cm.
Size: 170cm width, 40cm high, 200cm background.

Module 1 Drawer

Ref: 70004
Module 1 Drawer
Size: Width 60 cm, High 25 cm, Background 40 cm.

Base module 60cm

Ref: 70051
Base module 60cm
Size: 66x45x43 cm.


Module 4 Drawers

Ref: 70014
Module 4 Drawers
Size: Width 150 cm, High 44 cm, Background 40 cm.


Ref: 70001
Size: 2cm width, 2cm high, 2,5cm background.

Base module 150cm

Ref: 70054
Base module 150cm
Size: 156x45x43 cm.


Ref: 70073
Size: Width 80 cm, High 80 cm, Background 4 cm.


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