The largest range of Headboards

The choice of headboards It is one of the most important decisions when decorating the bedroom. Therefore we should not take it as another piece of furniture since it has a fundamental role in marking our style and personality. In this section you will find everything you need to make the right choice.

Bedroom Headboards

Headboards are still in fashion

There are headboards for everything type, size, shape and color for all ages and decorations. And even if you sometimes think that a model is not worn or is not in fashion, it may be the missing puzzle piece in your bedroom.


Bedroom Headboards

Headboards with style

The great thing about these pieces is that they provide the opportunity to adapt it to our personal style and needs. And escorted by some nightstands matching will play a fundamental role.

If the process of selecting a headboard, you are confused and do not know which option would suit your room style best, at Franco Furniture you can find an extensive photo gallery with the various types of headboards among which you will find the one that best fits in your bedroom.

Lacquered and upholstered headboards

At Franco Furniture we have a wide variety of heads that adapt to the most varied decorative styles. We have special measures offering our clients a wide range of finishes, upholstery and options to make the right decision.


Remind you that in this firm we bet on quality fabrics and paints, counting on upholsterer masters that will make each of our products a unique piece.

How to choose a headboard?

Measure the Space to choose the correct size

Before choosing any piece of our furniture it is essential that we take action to guarantee that the product we buy fits correctly in our environment without creating a feeling of overwhelm.

Select the Style that best suits you

Once we know what space we have, we move on to the aesthetic aspect. Here the decision depends on each of us as it sThere is nothing written about tastes and styles. At Franco Furniture we have headboards of all kinds of styles and finishes so they can adapt to any trend.

Materials for our headboard

Whether you like them upholstered such as lacquered or metallic you should always choose quality materials. Since these will guarantee your good use and durability over time.

Where to buy my headboard

At Franco Furniture we have a dealer network worldwide They will be happy to advise you and where you can see all the possibilities in terms of measures, finishes and models we offer you. At the same time buying in furniture stores guarantees a correct assembly and after-sales service.


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