Before heading to the store choose furniture is required measurements of the various rooms in the house. These measures will facilitate the task of choosing our furniture and expedite the work of professionals who attend us in store or interior design studio.

Herramientas de medición

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, diponemos of many tools we can facilitate this work. Today from this blog we want to echo two very useful applications that present us this week in the specialized forum in the furniture industry The mueblipedia.

ImageMeter ( Dispositivos Android )

It is what we liked most. Simply take a photo or import one that already had and you can enter notes with a finger in a super intuitive. Once you have written down all you can photo sharing measures and annotations differently, including of course via e-mail.

For those who dare a little more it can also calculate areas, or add a template from which alone are calculated measures that are needed by a direct proportion estimated.
Existe una versión Profesional aparte de la gratuita que amplia las opiciones por el precio de 2,99€.

MeasuresLite ( Dispositivos Apple )

This application is not as intuitive and offers many ways to share the result, but it is also simple to use and fulfills the function that we have raised.
It has a very simple system for organizing and storing photos, and operative to enter data or comments is very similar to ImageMeter.
It is a free Lite version, so we can not help that they are offering us to buy the full version. It's just a minor annoyance that does not affect the basic functionality we need. Professionals of different trades could take advantage of the full version and is no economic effort, 6,99€, but we leave that for you to judge each.