Design desk tables: 6 key ideas

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Do you need an efficient work and study space at home? The trick is to choose suitable desk tables.

You are probably still working or studying from home, for this reason we want to give you some ideas to decorate and improve the area of ​​the desk tables in an efficient way and at a price suitable for all budgets.


Desk tables

Although it is very pleasant to work from home, we have to recognize that this comfort sometimes detracts us. To avoid this, we will only have to focus on making a few small changes so that you can be as efficient as possible during the workday.

To create a good work environment it is essential that you take into account these recommendations:

1. Keep your work table clean and tidy

To maintain an orderly and productive mind, it is essential that the space that surrounds us is as well. Clean your desk and collect everything that you are not going to use, leave only the most necessary. You will see how your ideas are clarified and your concentration increases.

Desk tables

2. Add some plant

Did you know that adding a plant near the desk area increases your productivity by 15%? A study from the University of Texas confirms this. 

This is due to its relaxing properties, which offer us such a relaxing stimulus that it encourages an increase in our concentration and creativity. In addition, they have properties that lift our spirits on the gravest days.

You can opt for plants that purify the air such as the bamboo palm, the rubber tree or the tiger's tongue. 

3. Choose a comfortable desk table

You should select a desk that allows your forearms to rest on the surface, at a 90 degree angle. In addition, the back must be straight with an angle of 90 to 100º with respect to the legs.

Our design desks are made with top quality materials and paints (as you can see in our materials section). With the aim of providing comfort and practicality to your workspace.

In addition, they have a special measure which allows them to adapt to any type of environment (even the smallest ones), as well as offer enough space to be able to work or study optimally.  

We leave you below the models of desk tables:

Do not forget that you can customize the metal parts of our desk tables in any of our matt or metallic finishes.

4 accessories

We commented in the first point how important it is to keep the desk orderly. If we want to leave the table completely free, we recommend that you have spacious and practical drawers like those of our firm. Which have wheels so you can move it comfortably. You can take a look at it in the gallery above or in the section of premium desks.

It is also essential to have accessories that allow us to maintain order in the work table. Such as classifiers, pens, a note board or support to keep the computer elevated. I leave you some ideas below:

5. Take advantage of natural light

 When choosing the area of ​​your desk, it is best to place it as close as possible to a window. According to experts, natural light and productivity at work are connected.

Our performance increases between 10% and 25% when our work table is located with a view to the outside, this is because it significantly reduces fatigue and trunks in general (headache or eye strain); also, it helps us to maintain a good state of mind, favoring a much more positive work environment.

A good idea when it comes to enhancing the entry of light is to decorate the room with light colors. These will allow projecting sunlight to any corner of the room.

If your room does not have good light, there are lamps that simulate sunlight, to enhance clarity in the room.

6. Capture your ideas

Add inspiration panels on the desktop. This will ensure that you are fully focused and focused on your goals. In addition, you can add a calendar to record the due dates of any project or the deadline to reach a goal. 

To achieve our goals we must specify them as much as possible, so having in front of our eyes every day, a board in which we incorporate images and data about the objectives to be achieved, will be of great help. This simple action will remind us every time we sit at the desk why we should not give up and move on.

As a recommendation and to finish, dedicate an area of ​​the panel to record your achievements; It will motivate you every time you need a boost of energy to continue.


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