How to choose a dining table?

Choosing a table for your home can be a difficult task. Sometimes we choose a table that we are in love with but when we place it at home we realize that, although we love the table, it is too big or the chairs we had chosen do not fit well. This can ruin the best of interior designs, so below we give you some essential tips that will help you choose the ideal dining table for you and your dining room, taking into account the available space, your personal style, and the function it serves. you want the table to comply.

How much space do I need to put a table?

Before purchasing a table, you should measure the area where you plan to place it. Not only is the space that the table in question will occupy important, but you must also take into account the space that the tables will occupy. chairs placed around the table and also the space that a diner needs to be able to sit down and leave. If a diner cannot easily access their seat because the chairs are too close to the wall, the space is no longer comfortable and functional. Make sure you leave enough room around you to move around comfortably with and without people at the table.
If your problem is that you need a large table because you love organizing family meals and the space you have is very limited, perhaps one extending table be what you need. You can unfold it only when you have company, the rest of the time you can have it folded and it will take up practically half the space. In it Kairo Catalog you can see the options extending table that we have.

What do you need a table for?

You may be thinking that it is the dumbest question you can ask yourself, but it is important that you ask yourself and sometimes the answer is not so obvious. 
Ask yourself these questions: What do you need the table for? Is it for eating, working, decorating, or a combination of these functions? This will help you determine the size and style you need as well as the materials you should choose. A table that will only be used at specific times of the year does not need as much maintenance as one that will be used daily and will be constantly exposed to the elements.
If you are going to use your table daily or have small children, perhaps you should opt for very resistant materials such as porcelain. If you love natural finishes such as untreated wood, you should know that since it is a living material, it easily absorbs moisture. Instead, you can opt for a melamine top that will give you the appearance of wood and will be much more resistant. In our Kairo Tables catalog you can see all the available finishes.

Define your decorative style to choose the ideal table

Consider the style of your home. Do you prefer a style modern, rustic, classic o contemporary? Choose a table that complements your home's existing decor.
Si tu style es eclectic don't be afraid of mix styles. A modern table can give your dining room the groundbreaking touch you need if the rest of your decoration is classic, for example.
Use the dining table as Focal point of your decoration by choosing a design that is out of the ordinary. If, on the other hand, you don't want your table to take center stage, you can opt for a glass table, with this option you will remove visual load and will highlight more chairs. Choose some eye-catching chairs in this case, you will see that your space will level up.

What material is best for a table?

Tables can be made from a variety of materials and it depends on your priorities what finish you need. Aesthetics are important but we recommend that you choose a material that suits your lifestyle and is easy to clean and maintain.
At Franco Furniture we have the following finishes:


The best option if you want durability and little maintenance. Porcelain is an extremely hard and resistant ceramic material, similar to tile and is very easy to clean. Additionally, it will aesthetically raise the level of your decoration since its appearance inspires luxury. Its price is a little higher than other finishes but it is worth investing since the quality it offers in relation to its price is ideal.


Melamine is a very popular finish because it is available in various finishes (wood, marble...) It is also very resistant to stains, heat and humidity, although not as much as porcelain, everything must be said. Even so, it is much cheaper than porcelain tile, so it should be taken into account.


Glass tops for dining tables have been in trend for years because they have the property of not adding visual weight to your decoration and give a lot of clarity. Although they seem fragile, they are not at all. They stain easily just like any glass you have at home, even more so because we keep touching it. Keep that in mind if cleanliness is key in your final choice.


The biggest benefit of the lacquered finish is that you can choose it in the color that you like the most and there are many options, not only the basic colors, you can opt for colors in Glossy, High Glossy (mirror gloss), Matte, Gold, Silver... Look at our Finishes Chart to see all available options.

How to choose a dining table?
How to choose a dining table?

How much capacity does a table have according to its dimensions?

This point is closely related to the available space you have in your dining room, which we have already discussed in the previous point.
Here I leave you a brief measurement guide according to the tables and chairs that we work with at Franco Furniture so that you can take into account how many chairs can fit on a table according to its dimensions.

Round table

Diameter 100: 4 to 5 diners
Diameter 120: 5 to 6 diners
Diameter 150: Up to 8 guests

Elongated table

Table of 140: Up to 6 guests
160 table: Up to 6 guests
Table of 180: Up to 8 guests
Table of 200: Up to 8 guests
Table of 220: 8 to 10 diners
Table of 240: Up to 10 guests
Table of 260: Up to 10 guests

Extending table

Round extendable table from 100 to 150: Closed: For 4 to 5 people. Open: Up to 8 guests. 
Round extendable table from 120 to 180: Closed: For 5 to 6 people. Open: Up to 10 guests. 
Rectangular extendable table from 140 to 200: Closed: Up to 6 guests. Open: Up to 8 guests. 
Rectangular extendable table from 160 to 220: Closed: Up to 6 guests. Open: For 8 to 10 people. 

How to choose a dining table?
How to choose a dining table?

Iimportant: You must keep in mind that not all chairs are the same, there are larger chairs in terms of width and that can determine how many you can fit under the table. We recommend that if you want to use armchairs for your table, choose a large table so that you do not have problems with space, as long as your dining room is large enough to accommodate these dimensions. If the dimensions do not allow it but you still want to put armchairs at your table, we advise you to put only two, placing them at the ends presiding over the table for example. Decorating is fun, research, experiment and enjoy!


The last point to keep in mind is How much money are you willing to spend?
We have already seen that depending on the material and the quality of this one, the prices go up, you must ask yourself if it is worth investing in one high quality table if you want it to last intact as long as possible. You may spend more money now than you would like, but in the long run it will pay off.
El design also raise the price. If you want the focal point of your dining room to be the table, the design of it may be essential for you and therefore you will also spend more. But you see that there are options for all preferences and all budgets. Take your time to analyze your options and choose accordingly.  

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