cabinetmaking, design and creation of furniture

That is cabinetmaking

cabinetmaking is a carpenter qualification oriented creating furniture. The terminology comes from the precious ebony wood, great weight and durability, while an elegant black.

This specialty differs woodworking use in furniture that produce more complex, applying new complementary techniques with others to manufacture as they could be marquetry, size or turning among others.



craftsmen Cabinetmakers


Objectives and joinery products

We could say that the joinery is looking for high quality furniture with a great value in terms of design and originality refers. can make furniture for both home and for use in enclosures intended for commercial activity as might be the hotel or restaurant.

The art of cabinetmakers, like any other artist, It requires a lot of practice, study and dedication. Knowledge of materials, trends, even geometries must be combined to obtain the desired products and unique pieces.

cabinetmaker usually it listed as the nobility in the carpenter for its treatment of the best woods, the turnings and genius who print their creations.

The development of a cabinet always part of an initial idea, by a sketch of what you want to develop, to result designer furniture.



Cabinetmaker working.

In cabinetmaking and other crafts tasks can have unique ideas or from pre-established patterns that are commonly used.

In short thanks to the knowledge and dedication of the cabinet makers today can enjoy unique furniture with the personal stamp and the value of knowing that they were created by true true masters of this art.