Technical Data of the materials used in the manufacture Franco Furniture Furniture

In Franco Furniture bet for quality materials that ensure durability of our products.


It is an appropriate composite fibers Reconstituted Wood Delgado Medium Density for use in dry environments with demanding quality lacquered surface.
Its applications are for Home furniture, you back, doors and interior decorations.

Attached file with Tolerance and physical properties –mechanical


This material is manufactured in Spain by multinationals whose leadership internationally is unquestionable

Paintings LACA

Painting Varnish bi-component acrylic base, formulated for finishing wood surfaces which have to fulfill the UNE-EN23721 and subsequent classification according to UNE-EN23727 (M1/M4), and classification according to UNE-EN-13501-1:2002 (Euroclases).

General Properties:

• Very good application with all sorts of projection equipment
• It has good wetting properties, transparency, thixotropic, candor, appearance, Surface hardness, homogeneity of nuanced and appearance.
• Good abrasion resistance, scuff and scratch.
• Good covering power.
• Unaffected by the light. Compatible with PInlak range 9700 for the formulation of paints according to different color charts, RAL, NCS, BS ect
We work with the best suppliers of paints and components for both lacquered and varnished MDF veneered MDF and hardwood.


Fittings Used

Our furniture are fitted with high quality fittings backed brands like:




All our furniture have metal guides with brake type locking drawer. For this we use world-class brands. Both glass doors and wood we use the best brands to give reliability and durability of our furniture.

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