Coffee table, the perfect complement

The Coffee tables are suitable for all living room furniture because they are the perfect sofa linking with other furniture. They are apart a useful furniture everyday where we can leave our books, dispositives, drinks, mientras nos relajamos en el salón. Y no debemos de olvidarnos de su sentido estético ya que puede ser the crucial piece decorative level and give the final touch to our dining room.

Some tables can incorporate lifting system enabling us to enjoy a casual breakfast or dinner while watching television. Here we show some models that we have and you can see the rest of catalogs and finishes available if you wish:

Contemporary coffee tables

If you are one of those who opt for a modern court Furniture Franco develop lines ranging from minimalist models playing in a fun way with geometric shapes. From here we always recommend selecting the furniture that suits us and our personality that best reflects.

Trabajo Bukaro Interiorismo - Franco Furniture Mesa de Centro

Interior work Bukaro – Franco Furniture


Classic Coffee Tables

Classic does not have to mean outdated, aware of it bring to our tables a touch of classicism without losing the innovative air that characterizes our furniture. Here we show another work by Búkaro Interior furnishings collections where you can see a isabelina the center with steel leg provides sophisticated touch to the living room.

Salon Serik Franco Furniture

Bukaro work by Franco furniture Furniture


Wooden Coffee Tables

If you are someone like natural finishes also we have options for you, as you can see in our letter of finishes. Below is a table top Enzo center with natural oak veneer brings a lot of charisma to the room.

Mesa de Centro Franco Furniture

Work done by Enzo Salon Furniture Mesa

Coffee table 29 May, 2018