¿You have chosen your furniture but lack choose your table comedor? Franco Furniture in what you want to put easy, find what you're looking for in our wide variety of models.

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Some of our best experiences They are taking place around the dining tables, enjoying a good meal or the company of loved ones. Thus, it is essential to opt for a table according to our style as it will accompany events with family and friends both.

Square or round, Big or Small, You choose your dining table

Choosing a dining table depends on the space with which count and utility that we're going to give. Currently we have models adapted to current consumer necesitades offering customers a product range of the most varied market.

finished, the advantage of being factory tables

Diponemos manufacturer to be able to offer dining tables in a multitude of finishes and combinations. Currently we have tops glass table, oak veneer, lacadas, tempered glass, marmol etc. And if we look at the issue of legs and bases the variety is not much lower, different models to adapt to the trends and tastes of each client.

Looking for a table you like and customize to give your personal touch. Few manufacturers will offer many possibilities.

Tables for lunch: The perfect complement for your living room 31 January, 2019