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The furniture design is an art. Home furniture are our best letter when we receive relatives and friends, a seal of identity that reflects our personality and can not lose the essence with the passage of time.

Great architects, designers and artists have created furniture as a form of artistic expression. Generating while unalterable designs, clear example is the chair devised Mies van der Rohe, that has generated plenty of inspirations manufacturers worldwide.

Mies Van der Rohe

Chair design Mies Van der Rohe

The greatest difficulty faced by a furniture manufacturer often transform those feelings into creative collections to find the balance between design and utility.

When creating bedroom designs we must remember that it is our place of peace and rest after the day's work or leisure. Therefore should, far from ergonomic aspects, convey a visual harmony that facilitates our lives and this is where most important are the aesthetic aspects of design. Similar to what happens with the dorms so the rooms should convey the expected sensation because it is where we will receive loved ones and where we spend much of our time at home.

Dormitorio Klassic II de Franco Furniture

Bedroom Furniture Franco Klassic II


Franco Furniture, as design furniture manufacturer, Our aim is to get the best quality so that all our furniture while remaining unchanged while they are enjoying. Making the claim itself: "Life is too short not to have furniture that fall in love".

We worked with the best suppliers of raw materials market see materials.