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Bedroom Tables. Elegance and Functionality

Bedside tables are one of the essential accessories in any double bedroom. They provide us with infinite decorative possibilities without forgetting their indisputable practicality . An original nightstand will complete the decoration of our most personal room.

Your ally furniture when you go to sleep and when you wake up

Once night comes, it's time to go to sleep and what better way than knowing that you have everything you need thanks to your nightstand. The light provided by a lamp, a alarm clock, a mobile phone, a book, etc.

There are small tables with drawers or holes that become an extra storage space in our bedroom. But beyond their practicality, they are the best travel companion for our headboard, a bedroom with a beautiful headboard, backed by two design tables, provide us with the necessary harmony that we all need before going to sleep.

Modern or classic original bedside tables, variety for your bedroom

Whether with drawers, holes or doors. There is a wide range of bedroom tables that adapt to any environment or style. Until the middle of the last century, it was common for them to have a door without showing the interior or objects that we stored inside.

Today we are more aware of the decorative character of this piece of furniture, since just like headboards, cabinets, sinfoniers or chests of drawers, bedside tables help us take care of the image of our most personal room so that it reflects our own style.

The tables with holes are luxurious for us to store our books or other objects in an orderly and accessible way, safeguarding them from dust or other dirt.

Bedside tables with hollow

White bedside tables

That the white gives amplitude is no secret, therefore heThe vast majority of nightstands are white or light-colored. A color that transmits the necessary peace and harmony to the bedroom, making it a cozy place.

White bedside table bedroom


Small or narrow bedside tables or bedside tables

Sometimes we need smaller tables for space reasons, that's why at Franco Furniture we have various sizes of almost all our models. Thus making it possible to get your decision right.

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