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Bedroom Tables. Elegance and Functionality

Bedside tables are one of the essential accessories in any double bedroom. They provide us with infinite decorative possibilities without forgetting their indisputable practicality . An original nightstand will complete the decoration of our most personal room.

Your ally furniture when you go to sleep and when you wake up

Once night comes, it's time to go to sleep and what better way than knowing that you have everything you need thanks to your nightstand. The light provided by a lamp, a alarm clock, a mobile phone, a book, etc.

There are small tables with drawers or holes that become an extra storage space in our bedroom. But beyond their practicality, they are the best travel companion for our headboard, a bedroom with a beautiful headboard, backed by two design tables, provide us with the necessary harmony that we all need before going to sleep.

Modern or classic original bedside tables, variety for your bedroom

Whether with drawers, holes or doors. There is a wide range of bedroom tables that adapt to any environment or style. Until the middle of the last century, it was common for them to have a door without showing the interior or objects that we stored inside.

Today we are more aware of the decorative character of this piece of furniture, since just like headboards, cabinets, sinfoniers or chests of drawers, bedside tables help us take care of the image of our most personal room so that it reflects our own style.

The tables with holes are luxurious for us to store our books or other objects in an orderly and accessible way, safeguarding them from dust or other dirt.

Bedside tables with hollow

10 ideas to stylize your bedside tables

Sometimes it may seem like trying to keep the house tidy is a losing battle.

He spends hours cleaning and 5 minutes later it is a disaster again…. Pets, children and life itself will!

Although keeping the whole house tidy or clean is almost impossible, a small space that can have a big impact is our nightstand.

Your nightstand can be much more than just a place to rest your phone, so why not try some of our ideas here and refresh your nightstand?

How to decorate your nightstand

1. Start clean.

Remove everything from the nightstand and clean it well. If the table itself isn't great, you might want to consider adding a large tray or shamrock on top, or even take on our DIY concrete side table or recycling project to give your table a new look.

2. Have a plan.

The great style of the head of the bed does not happen by chance, there is generally a well-considered plan behind it. Often that plan starts with a color scheme - monochrome, natural, or complementary are the most common. Other times people start with a style that they want to carry out like the classic, the coastal or the minimalist. Think about the style you want to achieve and start collecting ideas and inspiration.

3. Let there be light.

Unless you have pendants or a wall lamp, your lamp is most likely the largest item next to your bed. Decide on the best lamp and place it next to your bed so you can work with the smaller objects around it.

White bedside table bedroom

4. Reading material.

A small stack of books not only looks beautiful, but helps create height and interest next to your bed.

5. Art that makes you smile.

Whether it's a special birthday card or a postcard from your travels, why don't you put it in a small frame and put it on the nightstand? It's about capturing something that has sentimental value and presenting it in a beautiful way so you can admire it every day.

Alternatively, for larger jobs, use the wall just above the nightstand. Works of art do not have to be hung centered above your bed - they often look better, especially with smaller works, when they are moved and placed above the nightstand or to one side of the bed.

6. Candle.

Did you know this one would be on our list! With the magnificent range of candles on the market today, they offer much more than soft lighting. Look for a candle in a container that can be a decorative piece in its own right.

7. Greenery.

A succulent, airy plant or fern brings your nightstand to life. Find here the 10 most popular indoor plants.

8. Nice watch.

A vintage or analog clock that has character is a great way to add interest and can help keep your bedroom in a digital technology free zone.

9. Ring plate.

Keep your jewelry safe while you sleep and put a plate of rings on your nightstand. They can add a little glitter, a pattern, or an unusual shape.

10. Fresh flowers in a vase.

There is something so special about having fresh flowers in your home. No need to go to the flower shop every week and invest in a large bouquet of flowers, a single garden rose in a vase is just as beautiful. We also have expert advice on how to extend the life of your flowers here.

If you need more ideas you can see and download our catalogs of marriage bedrooms

Small or narrow bedside tables or bedside tables

Sometimes we need smaller tables for space reasons, that's why at Franco Furniture we have various sizes of almost all our models. Thus making it possible to get your decision right.

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