Modern sideboards for your living room: Advantages and types

What is a sideboard?

Not everyone understands what we mean when we say Dresser. A sideboard is a closet half-height that is usually placed in the living room or dining room. It is a storage place, with objects normally related to table service, but today its use goes much further.

Although you are not going to use it to store the classic cutlery, glasses and tablecloths, it can be essential for your living room or dining room. Let's see why.

Why a modern sideboard?

The sideboard has gone from having a very specific storage function to becoming one of the most useful pieces of furniture in any home. We have plenty of reasons:

versatile storage

First, there is the classic function, but now it is used much more. Any piece of furniture that has a storage space, no matter how small, has obvious utility potential.

In the sideboard you do not have to limit yourself to keeping the classics tablecloths and cutlery. In its cabinets, shelves, shelves and drawers you can have everything:

  • Decor such as vases or photographs.
  • Books that you want to have on hand to read.
  • Incense and candles, ready to light up in your living room.
  • Coffee cups, glasses, bottles and glasses, to end any dinner well and without having to go to the other end of the house.
  • TVs, with which to enjoy any entertainment. Ideal if you do not fit a TV Stand.
  • Checkered, with which to demonstrate your artistic sensitivity to visitors.
  • Plants and flowers, which will bring much more color and life to your living room.
  • Other utensils, because each person has specific needs.


Modern and contemporary design sideboards

Space is something that everyone has.
sideboards, whether classic or modern. However, the truth is that a Design sideboard, of the moderns, it can have different height options, as well as a much more varied and extensive functionality within the same space. For this reason, you can opt for a more vertical storage, designed for glasses or bottles, and a more horizontal one, designed for books, tablecloths or decoration.

Always in your style

Another of the great advantages of having an original sideboard is that it is a perfect surface for place decorations all types. The upper surface of the sideboard has always been the ideal place, mainly because it is just at eye level when someone sits in front of it (which is often the case in the dining room or living room).

In the case of the sideboards that we usually offer, we know that the design of the furniture itself is already attractive, but it is that also placing a painting, a photograph, a lamp or a vase gives it a lot of personality. In this way, each one can highlight his style to the fullest, with just a few elements.

nice width

Being wide and short pieces of furniture, sideboards are perfect for making a small room look bigger.

Think that in a living room you should feel welcome, and it is not convenient for you to fill all the gaps with furniture, which would end up overwhelming you. A sideboard is one of the few lounge furniture his indispensable, precisely because it provides functionalities while remaining at a height below your waist, which allows you to be more visible in the upper part of your living room or dining room, and helps to let breathe your most immediate visual space.

good separator

The sideboard is also a piece of furniture that works very well as a visual separator between two spaces.

If your dining room or living room is very large and you want to divide it or isolate it from a specific section, you can do it perfectly. An example is putting a sideboard behind a sofa that is across the room. This can help you separate an area with a dining table from the living room where you watch TV.

Best of all, it achieves these separations while continuing to provide all the advantages already mentioned, such as storage or the feeling of spaciousness.

last many years

When you bet on a nationally made sideboard like the ones we have in Franco Furniture, you are opting for a type of product made with enthusiasm and love. Although we were not its manufacturers, this is a type of furniture that already lasts for many years, since its drawers and cabinets are usually more robust by design and are used less frequently than, for example, kitchen furniture.

Next, you will see what types of options you can find if you want to enjoy all the advantages of a Contemporary sideboard.

types of sideboards

What varieties of sideboards exist? That is a very good question, and to solve it we will give you examples of some of the ones we have in our catalogue.


Quality sideboard with modern style


We have modern sideboards with or without legs. Legs can be helpful if you don't mind reducing storage space and want your sideboard to look
lighter. Keep in mind that any sideboard with legs will go up a few inches in height, making it more stylish, even if it takes up more space in total.

In addition to lightness and customization, being raised on legs, this is a type of low furniture that the robot vacuum cleaner can pass through without any problem.

modern design sideboards


Whether to decorate the part external or to make it look better interior, modern sideboards take the opportunity to introduce light into their design. Of course, it is totally optional to turn them on, but they are a great help in low light conditions, and they are one more point in the unique style of this furniture.

Modern sideboard with light system


We already know enough about the usual sideboards. We have them widely seen in all homes, and that is why it is fun to bet on new, more original designs, with textures y reliefs different, that give your decoration a new point of view, that touch that it needed. This type of variety is perfect to combine with some more current decorative styles.


Modern wooden sideboards


To add a little more originality to the variety of modern sideboards that you can buy on the market, now an option with a separator in the middle. This is a style that we have been replicating in some of our furniture, such as in the nightstands, and it is really working very well as a decorative style.

modern line sideboards


Finally, if precisely what you liked about the advantages of Dresser is storage space, you should know that we also have some models that provide just that extra to store your things on shelves. In this way, perhaps you no longer need to invest in that shelf or that cabinet.

As you can see, you have many advantages and options when it comes to modern dressers. At Franco Furniture we are willing to help you get just the piece that best fits your living room. Everything is made here, in Spain and with the best materials, so now you know!


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