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Original radiator covers, models and ideas

Choose the model of original radiator cover that you like the most and personalize it to match the rest of the furniture in your home. For this we have designed a line where you pamper yourself design, sobriety and elegance. I bet you occasional furniture that they do not lose the touch of style that characterizes you.

Original and Quality Cover Radiators

How to measure your radiator

Below we explain how do you have to measure your radiators to buy your radiator cover and get the measurements right. A little below you can see the measures in which our radiator covers can be manufactured with a wide manufacturing range.

Radiator Covers How to measure your Radiator

WIDTH: Measurements will be taken from the extreme left to the extreme right, encompassing pipes and water regulators.
HIGH RADIATOR: The measurement will be taken from the lowest to the highest part of the radiator.
TOTAL HEIGHT: Measurement will be taken from the top of the radiator to the floor.
FUND: The measurement must be taken from the wall to the outermost part of the radiator, including keys or regulators
BASEBOARD- High: Measurement will be taken from the top of the skirting board to the floor.- Thick: Measurement will be taken from the wall to the thickest part of the skirting board.

Radiator cover sizes available

As important as the design is to have the possibility toadapt this piece to suit you. That is why we have the possibility of manufacturing with a wide range of measurements and finishes. Although our models adapt to the vast majority of radiators on the market as a manufacturer we always have the option of producing it with special measures.

Tips for choosing radiator cover

When we decide to hide our inconspicuous radiators there are several aspects to consider.

The main one for obvious reasons is to see what we have as a radiator and therefore which model best suits it. In our case as a manufacturer, apart from having a wide bellows in terms of measurements, you always have the possibility of manufacture on special order. It is therefore always recommended to make an exact measurement before purchasing a radiator cover.

Modern Radiator Cover

Another aspect to take into account is that our radiator cover combines with the rest of our furniture. Not only in terms of color or finish but in terms of decorative style. So at Franco Furniture we have a wide range of models that match all collections. Maintaining an aesthetic balance is important to create environments that create harmony.

Finally we must not forget the quality of the materials used. Far from entering quality evaluations, it is good to bear in mind that you deserve to bet on a product with guarantees of durability. There is a quality-price balance that we must consider when making any purchase.

Finishes for Radiator Covers

Check in your store the finishes that best suit your radiator cover. In principle you can choose any lacquer (Gloss or Matte), laminate, oak and metallic. Textiles, marbles and ash are excluded.

Radiator covers are used as receivers in many spaces creating a perfect and warm welcome home.

Video with some ideas for radiator cover


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