Today we echo a report in the CITMA Blog, Center Wood and Furniture created in 2013 as the operating center of the Andalusian Institute of Technology, result of the integration of the Technological Centre of Wood and Furniture Andalucía with this entity, in which we present a study about the intention of spending home improvement consumers.

Cetelem He has appeared on April 1 special edition of the Observatory, in which data shows intention of spending Spanish as regard reforms and household equipment.
The data analyzed and reflections shown in this issue Observatory Cetelem They were obtained from conducting a online survey by the Company Investmarket.
The Spanish are encouraged to renovate and equip your home 2015. A 36% Spaniards intends to make this year 2015 any reform or significant outlay on equipment home.
Although most respondents are not planning to make this type of investment, a rather significant percentage if you intend to do. It seems that data to improve the macroeconomic situation, and confidence in improving the situation of the country and his own, They are resulting in a slight improvement in consumption of Spanish.
A 29% Spaniards intends to undertake some reform in his home in 2015. The 36% Spaniards who declare their intention to do any reform or disbursement in household equipment, a 29% it will do so in the cooking, bath, painting, windows, doors, etc ... In addition, almost 26% It intends to acquire decorative items for your home this year and 23% He says he wants to acquire some appliance white goods.
The average expenditure planned by the Spanish to the realization of this investment in the home is 1.294€. Although most respondents (54%) It intends to make a small outlay amounting to approximately € 150, the 28% of them declared an intention of spending about 750 €.
Many respondents thought not only have to acquire some equipment for your home, but also They intend to carry out a reform: so the amount you will spend is higher. The 10% of respondents claiming to have a planned spending of about € 8,800 .Source: The Cetelem Observatory