Rumbo Watercolour

Rumbo Watercolour, solidarity and sport united by a good end

A kayak five meters long, a handmade wooden shovel, a handful of provisions, a couple of dumb and various security measures. With this terse equipment intended Antonio Garcia Villa (Lucena, 1972), firefighter profession and a great lover of nature and adventure sports from an early age, tour the 800 kilometers having the Andalusian coast departing from Cala Cerrada, in the municipality of Pulpí Almería to the finish: in the Huelva town of Ayamonte, Spanish border with Portugal. The journey will start next June 1.


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The project stems from the personal concern, Antonio commented on the presentation, from making a major challenge in which both the physical being approached as psychological, since crossing, than will last for 20 a 30 days, he performed solo and autonomy, stopping victual, toileting and sleep in social hostels, or volunteer households, if the opportunity arises, on the beach.

Watercolor Barrios, lucentina foundation chaired by Ana Franco has aimed inclusion and integral development of young people at risk of social exclusion, It joins Antonio by crossing the Andalusian waters by the will of this to provide its challenge of solidarity dyes. In his words, 'The challenge was going to make it or yes, and what better way than with a beneficial background '. Thus was born 'Rumbo Watercolour', the name of the project that will peak the paddler along the coastline.

Rumbo Watercolour

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In the project, They charge important social networks. The blog Rumbo Watercolour It aims to involve the entire population of this challenge in the form of diary entries that will focus on physical and mental preparation before departure, such as a logbook, where the protagonist will rise with images and text that narrate their experience.

The challenge, steady growth, It has the support of various organizations and companies in the public and private sectors as well as individual contributors. However, a challenge of this magnitude is always open to more support and Barrios Watercolor foundation is open to more collaboration applications.

Source of news: Lucena Today

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