Sofá Chester Capitone

Chesterfield sofas or Chester (abbreviation used in Spanish), are indisputable, emblematic symbol of Classical English.

Traditionally leather, but also in its versions in fabric, This unmistakable icon quality upholstery is always in fashion.

Chesterfield history dating from the early nineteenth S when they were used to acclimate the exclusive and elitist social clubs London, where only the entrance to male partners were allowed. In the following decades he became the halls of the British houses of high society and then popularized to become an icon of British decor and classic English sofa par excellence.

Upholstered Sofa Capitoné:

The Capitoné is an English style upholstered sofa origin and characteristic Chesterfield. Currently still in force and see both as sofas armchairs, chairs and stools. We also find it in the headboards and coffee tables.
Main characteristics of style quilted upholstery:

– Is a upholstery padding which it has a fluffy appearance with the buttons, geometrically distributed by the upholstery, It gives it that distinctive look style.

– Both sending and trimmed expensive piece reupholstered which concerned because it needs more fabric and more work. It is, in exchange, resistant upholstery.

– The material goes from skin (abraded skin finishes are fashionable) fabrics of different textures, from passing velvety chenille cotton and velvet.

– You can find furniture upholstered with this style also with wooden frames, usually varnished, that give an even more regal.

– The quilted bring your furniture look inviting and it is classic and elegant. An upholstery element in this truly British style in your home will make up the whole environment in which you place it.

It is, further, and despite its classicism, very easy to integrate into any decor. Use it more boldly with colors, intense and saturated, that are each season trend. The result will be spectacular.