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La bedside table is one of the essential elements of our bedroom, since it has the mission of storing some of the most important items of use during the day or the most precious things that we want to have more closely with us until we sleep, for example a lamp, a book, our night creams, our jewelry or accessories, a photograph of our relatives, our Smartphone or, perhaps, a glass of water to drink during the night.

There infinity of ideas to decorate your bedroom with a original bedside table. When choosing the right bedside table, you will have to take into account your tastes, the space you have available, the style you want to give to your bedroom or the things you will need to store or have by your side.


There are ideas and existing designs of practically all the currents of decoration that house from classic designs, going through rustic, modernist designs to the most minimalist. Whatever your style, we present you a world of ideas that will give your room a very special touch.

Classic bedside tables

If you are one of the people who identify with the classic design, you can reflect it on the nightstand. These types of bedside tables are usually characterized by curved lines and have between two and three drawers. They are usually of considerable height, even exceeding the height of the bed itself.

A perfect way to combine these tables is in avant-garde bedrooms. In this way, we will be able to give a note of contrast to the room by creating a very special space.

Classic bedside table

Modern bedside tables

In this style we can find nightstands that fuse classic designs with modern elements.

This type of tables will join straight lines typical of the most avant-garde designs with legs, handles or materials that evoke classic cut designs.

In addition, this type of bedside tables usually have generous measures so they will become faithful allies if we need a large surface to deposit personal items.


Minimalist bedroom tables

El minimalist style and the side tables that fit into this style are usually characterized by designs with straight and refined lines that dispense with everything that is not strictly necessary for their functionality as handles.

This type of bedside tables adapt perfectly to small spaces since their measurements are usually contained and provide freshness, giving a feeling of greater spaciousness to the room. bedroom.

original marriage bedroom

Currently there is a wide range of possibilities to choose the bedside table, you just have to find the design that best suits you and make your bedroom an even more welcoming space thanks to this decoration element that sometimes goes so unnoticed.

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