The furniture starring in the places we inhabit usually the epitome of history. In this context, toilet furnishings perhaps better reflect changes in social mores, leisure activities or popular taste of the past centuries.

But, When he started this interest in having a dedicated cabinet exclusively to our care and beautification? It all started with a box. These beautifully decorated boxes that were designed in ancient Egypt to save all the beauty ritual: from exquisite bottles for cosmetics and perfumes to exotic oils, makeup and mirrors.

That was the inspiration distant past or seed, but the toilet, as we know it today, se remonta a Europa, especially France and England in the late seventeenth century, when the upper classes of society then acquired the habit of ordering luxurious furnishings craftsmen and furniture makers.

However US, designs toilets were simpler and, among all, the Chippendale style were the most popular. During the nineteenth century, these sophisticated beauty tables were made in many styles, from Gothic, Elizabethan and Renaissance and rococo to the colonial reminiscences, to name a few. By the end of the century they became a fundamental part of the bedroom.

But it was not until the early twentieth century, during the Art Deco period, the vanities, both in Europe and in America, They became an emblem of modernity, luxury and glamor.

Currently there are toilets that fit current needs, lines without neglecting the design, They provide a practical character and turn into a corner of personal care that lends character to any room in our home.

Countless models to all public, with attached and independent mirrors, sidewalks, lighting and storage space for all kinds of cosmetics, It is what provides the new collection players Franco Furniture has created thinking about those people who make their toilet more than a piece of furniture.