At present there are plenty of toilets that meet the needs of the moment. Lines without neglecting design, They provide a practical character and turn into a corner of personal care that lends character to any room in our home.

Many models to all public with attached and independent mirrors, sidewalks, lighting and storage space for all kinds of cosmetics and makeup. All this and more is what offers the new collection of dressers Franco Furniture has created thinking of those people who make their vanity more than a piece of furniture.

Diponemos large number of finishes to customize the dressing to taste, you can combine banquettes and mirrors with different models of toilet so let your imagination and create a unique space in your bedroom.

Makeup vanities

Dressers far from being a fad have come to our home to stay now providing functionality tailored to the needs of current customer. Ergonomics, storage space, LED lighting systems, etc, are additions that make this furniture our best ally for personal care.

Do not just decorate with furniture that will not provide, bet furniture to make your day more bearable day and give cause for constant personal satisfaction. Choose the vanity that fits your style and you will not regret.

As a furniture manufacturer we have a wide selection of bedroom furniture and headboards that will make your rest room stay of your dreams.

Tips for choosing your dresser

Formerly one of the most important furniture for a woman was her dresser, and although the pace of life and the 'decorative fashions’ he has been relegated to the background for a long time, It looks like it's going to have adepts. As I myself am on the journey to find my ideal toilet, I will tell you some discoveries I've done and suddenly I can serve you if you find yourselves in the same work.

Identify what your style and your room

Have you seen a blog that so romantic Venetian-style toilet, White and ideal. But your room is eclectic, dark tones and modern touches… clearly a thing has nothing to do with the other and try to juggle more, will fit them an impossible mission. Try to choose one that matches the decor you have (unless you want to change it completely and turn your room into cannon fodder Pinterest).

Select several players before deciding on one

There is no one style that closed: this really cute one tiny dresser drawer may be beautiful, but certainly not practical.

Check if the storage system is sufficient

¿You have a good makeup collection?… then possibly a toilet is not enough to organize things properly. You may need to add a shopping bathroom (They are cute and very practical because they have wheels), or additional comfortable.

The material: the defining characteristic duration

A couple of years ago I bought a small white piece of furniture to store some cosmetics in the bathroom, But I did not consider that it is a place with high humidity and that the material was not suitable for those duties. Therefore it is important to consider the material it is made furniture and features of the site that'll put.
Note that on the surface would probably fall dust, pigments, You can touch her with brushes and a lot of possibilities to ponder before choosing one (for example, a white matte finish paint can stain easily, so it may not be the best choice for a toilet).


Best toilet, number one in sales

Today we want to present our model of best selling toilet,  that causes furor wherever it goes. As we all know there are vanities and dressers, in the case of this model is not missing a detail that will explain below.

Tocador de maquillaje más vendido

The quality toiletries Top sellers

Extra storage space for your makeup

This toilet has a part of a drawer with two top drawers that apart from having a design plus an extra expacio bring us to store our cosmetics. All drawers have rail system and soft closing for better use.

Tocador de Maquillaje

Storage space toilet.

A vanity mirror lights dignified stars

Unlike other products on the market this vanity mirror with LED lights it has the ideal size and lighting system. With a size of 1x1m you will not feel cramped feeling, dara opposite amplitude to any room and you can see not only sitting but also standing. LED systems are activated with a warm touch interructor having on one side.

Espejo tocador con luces

Vanity mirror with lights


Vanity bench to your height

Since you have the best toilet, what better way to crown him with a stool with an incredible design and spaciousness and comfort you expect. This bench has upholstered in capitone that makes it spectacular in different tissues can be chosen to give you all possibilities when decorating.

Choose from multiple finishes

As a manufacturer with long history in manufacturing home furniture we have a wide selection of finishes. Choose the color that best goes to your room and make your toilet your corner for personal care.


Noemi's boudoir and Raquel Salazar

Brightness queens and Raquel Noemi Salazar of the Gipsy Kings were pledged with this dressing dream, it's more, both have at home our makeup vanity Star.

Tocador de Noemi Salazar y Raquel

Noemi toilet and Raquel Salazar – Gipsy Kings

Makeup vanities 22 November, 2018