Our furniture Velvet Collection

It is an honor for Franco Furniture announce that part of the furniture will be starring in the stage and sets the new series of Movistar Velvet Collection. A hit series featuring an excellent cast of actors and with production up to major international series.

The Velvet Collection series, sequel to the successful fiction Antenna 3, It was released day 22 on the payment platform Movistar +, whose director fiction, Domingo Corral, is convinced that “will not disappoint” the followers of original fiction.

Velvet Collection is the first series of own production and Movistar +, like others that will follow this same year -The Plague, Shame and area-, They will be offered first in service on demand, but they will be issued later in “prime-time” for all customers of the group in the linear channel #0.

In the case of Velvet Collection, in which the cast repeats and new faces appear, as Imanol Arias, Adriana Ozores, Mónica Cruz y Marta Torné, The series is available from Friday 22.

The passage of a generalist channel and open to a payment platform is not the only novelty of the sequel, whose production remains Bamboo, since the duration of the chapters (ten) It is reduced 70 a 50 minutes. This has enabled the frame “win rate” because the stories are condensed and each chapter ends “aloft”, so that the viewer will want to link with one another, as pointed Teresa Fernandez-Valdes, Bamboo Productions.

Velvet Collection has a surprise in its final chapter because the intention of Movistar + is to have continuity with at least a second season, He has revealed the director of Fiction Group, Domingo Corral.

In this first season will remain “a series of characters” with an aesthetic and a carefully bill -has been shot in 4K-, in which José Sacristán and Paula Echevarría They appear only on the first installment of fiction, who moves from Madrid to Barcelona and revolves around the opening of a new store five years after the end of Velvet. This new venture will repeat the characters played by Adrián Lastra, Asier Etxeandia, Marta Hazas, Diego Martín and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, and new frames appear interpreted by Imanol Arias, Adriana Ozores and Mónica Cruz, among others. Most of them have highlighted the work of the writers and technicians series, a “Very shooting film” resulting in production “high-quality”.