The Spanish furniture exports grew 10,5% in the first half 2015

Today from Franco Furniture Blog we want to echo the news posting National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (Sincerely) He has presented the report of results of foreign trade of the Spanish furniture industry relative to the months January to June 2015. During this period, sales of furniture Spain abroad have increased more than 10% reaching more than 892 millions of euros.

Furniture exports by regions

January-Junio'2015: Results furniture exports by regions

(Superior image) During the first half of 2015, Spain exported furniture worth from 892 millions of euros, what has been a increase 10,5% over the same period 2014.

According to data provided by ESTACOM, a growth from 19,8% Catalonia It is placed in the top ranking CCAA as export Furniture, with a volume during the period January June 2015 from 238.314 miles de euros and a share of 26,7% of total exported nationally.

During the same period, the Valencian Community It has increased its exports of furniture one 2%, boasting a market share of 23,5% of total exports nationwide. Of note, Catalonia and Valencia totaling the 50,2% on the whole national furniture export.

Other autonomous communities have increased furniture export considerably in this period are Galicia, that with increased 25,6% It is in third place in the ranking, Aragon (+22,3%), Basque Country (+21,9%) and Murcia (+9,7%), climbing to 8th place in the ranking of exporters of furniture CCAA.

January-Junio'2015: Top destinations for Spanish exports of furniture

Ranking of countries. Export furniture Spain

Four EU countries, France, Portugal, Germany and the UK They are at the head of the main destinations for Spanish exports of furniture in the period January June 2015, totaling nearly 50% of total exports. The leadership corresponds to France with a share 24,7% del total Furniture exports to Spain.

Especially if Report Germany than, a strong growth 38,6% in Spanish furniture purchases in this period, becomes the 3Th destination.

Highlight the increase in exports to United States (+39,4%) because the euro-dollar parity, as well as Saudi Arabia (+39,4%) already Mexico (+47,5%).

January-Junio'15: Spanish imports of furniture increased by 18,6%

During the first half of 2015, Spain imported furniture worth from 1.348 millions of euros, what has been a increase 18,6% over the same period 2014.

With these data sectoral balance shows a deficit balance 455.835 miles de euros, reaching the a coverage rate 66,2%.

January-Junio'15: Main countries of origin of Spanish imports of furniture

The main countries of origin of Spanish imports of furniture reflect:

During the period from January to June 2015 China, representing un 24,7% of total imports, It remains the main source of Spanish furniture imports, worth 333.048 miles de euros, representing a significant increase 31,8% over the same period last year.

Behind China, occupying 2nd-6th positions in the ranking of suppliers Furniture to Spain, lie 5 European countries Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland and France.

This strong recovery in imports of furniture in Spain reflects a reactivation of domestic consumption Furniture, mainly in the average range and economic.

According to statements by Juan Carlos Muñoz, President ANIEME, "Spanish furniture makers are making a great effort in the field of export, reaching more than 1.348 million euros in sales of outdoor furniture during the first half of the year, representing a significant growth exceeds 10%.

European countries such as France are, Portugal, Germany and the UK continue to occupy the top spot in the ranking of destinations and also have significant growth, sign of the recovery of its domestic consumption, and the increase of the projects that are prescribed from there to other destinations, as in the case of Portugal.

It is important the diversification of destinations to third markets to avoid excessive concentration in Europe. Examples are the positive results of sales of Furniture Spain United States, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Mexico, among other markets.

Within global demand, there are clear opportunities for companies with international vocation to be bet and decide to open their business horizons to new destinations that offer interesting business opportunities and where the Spanish furniture is valued for its quality and design. "

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