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Franco Furniture

We use first quality materials that guarantee the durability of our furnitures


Finsa Maderas Franco Furniture

 It is a thin Medium Density Wood Fiber Agglomerate composite material for use in dry environments with appropriate surface quality for demanding lacquers.

Applications: home furniture, back doors, doors and interior decorations.

We attach a file with Tolerance and physical - mechanical properties

Franco furniture materials

This material is manufactured in Spain by the multinational FINSA whose leadership at the international level is indisputable

carb2 franco furniture furniture

Our MDF Fibralac respects all environmental regulations complying with the CARB2 certification

Present not only in solid wood, but also in some of the resins used in the production of boards derived from wood, formaldehyde has come to be subject to increasingly rigorous controls by European and American regulations.

This concern arises with the aim of limiting human exposure to emissions of this substance, especially when it is concentrated in closed environments, as it can be harmful to human health.

Therefore, CARB (California Air Resources Board) has reduced the emission limits established for different types of wood derivatives since its development in 2009. In June 2018, the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) developed the legislation so that all wood products sold, produced, or imported into the United States, such as chipboard, meet CARB ATCM Phase II or TSCA Title VI standards.


At Franco Furniture we only use lacquers and paints that guarantee the durability of our furniture.

• Very good application with all kinds of projection equipment
• It has good wetting properties, transparency, thixotropy, smoothness, appearance, surface hardness, homogeneity of shading and appearance.
• Good resistance to abrasion, rubbing and scratching.
• Good covering power.
• Unaffected by light.

Ilva, manufacturer of varnishes for wood

Milesi, Italian manufacturer of wood varnishes

Masquelack, Spanish manufacturer of lacquers and varnishes

Irurena, specialists in wood coating

Furniture Hardware


Our furniture is assembled with excellent quality hardware backed by brands such as: 

All our furniture has metal closing type guides with brakes on the drawers. For this we use world-class brands.

Both glass and wooden doors, we use the best brands to ensure maximum reliability and durability of our furniture.

Franco furniture materials

Blum, manufacturer

Franco furniture materials


Franco furniture materials


Franco furniture materials



In our upholstery the details are taken care of carefully and we always use high quality textiles that guarantee the good use of both our chairs and our headboards.

Rioma upholstery
Elastron Upholstery and Texiltes
Froca upholstery
Alonso Mercader Upholstered Textiles
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