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Dress your home in Lucena

Dress your home in Lucena

The municipal delegation of Training for Employment, Promotion and Business Development of the Lucena City Council has wanted to bring together

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Quality and Guarantee Furniture

Quality Furniture

When we decide to furnish our house we must make a significant expense but we must not forget that a quality furniture it's practically a furniture for life. Bet on quality for your Home.

Good materials and construction are the main guarantee of quality furniture. Fabrication place And meet all regulations required by law give us confidence when buying our furniture.

Materials used, hardware and where it has been manufactured are the main points to consider. All these factors influence the durability and good use of our furniture.

All our furniture comes correctly labeled and traced with bar-code that provides all the information on the furniture. In turn we include warranty labels and quality control booklet in all our pieces.

Handcrafted in Spain Furniture

At Franco Furniture we carry out each and every one of our furniture in a traditional way. For us of paramount importance to provide that personal character to each of our creations.

Materials and years of experience of our human team make Franco's furniture safe value for today's homes. With a presence in more than 20 countries, our furniture has all manufacturing and durability guarantees.

Bet on furniture handmade in Spain, with great versatility in measurements and finishes.



Franco Furniture collaborates with the “Alliance for Childhood Vaccination” campaign, an initiative that promotes childhood vaccination in countries with limited resources and developing countries.

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