Sideboard cabinet, design and functionality

The sideboards stand out for their design without neglecting their main function of storage, giving us extra space to store many useful items in our dining room. Traditionally they were used to store dishes but nowadays they have multiple functionalities due to their versatility. At present they are used as minibars or store for movies, vinyl or CDs. You choose its use!

Modern Design Sideboards

The sideboards have always been present in our lives, they are furniture generally made of wood where we keep a wide variety of things. With a great decorative character if they are placed in the right way, they can always turn a space into a unique place. That is why today we want to share with you some tips for its maximum use.


Sideboards can be anywhere in the house or office, they are shelves that have the capacity to hold a large amount of things. Originally, they were used to store and display porcelain china in places like; the dining room or kitchen. Currently, the sideboards are used to store any type of objects, be they books, photos, documents, pieces of art, among others.

Stylish and stylish sideboard

Despite the fact that in the sideboards you can place what you want most, it would not be the most appropriate, to place certain sideboards with objects from a specific place, in another part of the room or house. For this reason, a list of places where these decorative shelves could be placed will be developed below and a series of recommendations will be given to follow so that they stand out in your decoration.

Where to place your sideboard

- If the intention is to show a beautiful porcelain tile, it would be appropriate to expose it in the kitchen or in the dining room, with transparent glass so that it can be seen without touching.

- If you want to fill a bookcase with books, it would be appropriate to place it in a living room, library or study, preferably containing various dividers to organize books.

- On the contrary, if you want to fill it with clothes, the appropriate thing would be the bathroom or the room, trying to make the sideboard contrast with the other objects in the bedroom.

- For offices, sideboards are perfect for storing documents, filing them, placing books and pens that are within people's reach.

As I can see, the sideboards are very useful objects, especially if they can be contrasted with the environment in which you want to put and for that, we offer you the best website to find the right sideboard, capable of adapting to your needs and requirements adjusting to the personality of the client and the environment

White sideboards, light for our home

White is a color that we love, it transmits joy, bringing light and harmony to our spaces. Today we want to show you several ideas for white sideboards available in the different Franco Furniture collections.

White Sideboard with Rosette

Simple and elegant sideboard with central rosette, white lacquered, doors with push pull opening and closing and lighting system included. Its rounded moldings gives it a special touch.

White Sideboard with Rosette

White Sideboard with Rosette

Sideboards with white oak finish

Natural wood finishes are a trend. In this sideboard, a spectacular white oak is combined with antique metal finishes.

White Oak Sideboard Modern Design
Oak finish sideboard

Sideboard with white oak finish

White sideboard combined with laminates

In this sideboard the white contrasts with the handcrafted laminates in gold leaf. A perfect mix that will capture all eyes.

Sideboards with handcrafted laminate

Sideboard with gold leaf laminates

White sideboards with gold leaf laminates

Lines with a very marked design

Sideboard with fronts and sides engraved with design lines that will cause a sensation. Spacious and useful it will be a faithful ally in our dining room.

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